DJ Aaron Jay – Exclusive Breaksblog Mix 11/2007

Aaron Jay


DJ, Producer & about to launch his own Imprint “Influence Records” – Aaron Jay is back with a fresh Studiomix for all the Breaksblog Crew. Packed with a heap of exclusive deep and rolling beats.

Brain Train – Brother and Squash (Influence Records DUB)
Kosmos – Electro Soul System (DUB)
Bright Lights – Lensman (DUB)
Unspoken – Hobzee & Zyon Base (DUB)
Randy – Lynx (Soul:r DUB)
The thing You Do – Random Movement (Innerground DUB)
Calmante – Kjell (Influence DUB)
San Demus – Furney (DUB)
Shades – Calibre (Signature Records)
Eye Contact – Sabre (DUB)
My Valentine – Redeyes (DUB)
Mega Steez – Squash (DUB)
She Dances – Mix Master Doc (DUB)
Allegiance – Lynx & Alex Perez (Soul:r DUB)
Sukura – Instrumental (DUB)
Here Now – Naibu (DUB)
Elysian Fields – Eveson (DUB)
Grand Piano – Deep Inc (Renegade)
Easy on my mind – Calibre (Signature Records)
Grand Groove – Kjell (Function DUB)

48 thoughts on “DJ Aaron Jay – Exclusive Breaksblog Mix 11/2007

  1. “Elysian Fields”? I don’t think any song with that title could top Artemis’s timeless classic on GLR

  2. the term Elysian Fields is pretty well known I’d say… but that shouldn’t stop your blatant GLR suckjob.. How is that latest Artemis dnb smasher anyway?

  3. lynx – randy!! been wanting to know what this is for a while now

    wicked mix as usual mr aaron! BIG

  4. Boff!! Right in the Batty!!


    Nice one Aaron, it’s been too long since the last one!

  5. this is a really enjoyable mix.. only a few rough mixes and even those were pretty good. The track selection is just amazing though. Cheers Aaron!

  6. I’ve been waiting patiently for this, thanks and big ups. Always head+shoulders above the rest, well done.

  7. Many props, good shiz as usual AJ.
    Geesh it’s almost impossible to get Naibu in the states….

  8. Grand Groove just blew my head off.. did not expect that! Nicely done.
    Been waitin to hear more of that instramental in mixes after the last goldie mix.

  9. OH my what a deep mix!
    loving the deep inc tune in the end. heard it ages ago on fabio’s bbc radioshow but didn’t get the name back then… now i know what to look for.
    great mix!

  10. Ezee Aaron, that good ear of yours strikes again. Big Ups mate, wicked set. We’ll see you for the live version in Bristol soon. Pzzzzzzzzz

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