Craggz and Parallel Forces – Mix for DOA 04/2009

Craggz and Parallel Forces


After releasing Northern Soul, we felt we’d gone as far as we could with the sound we had developed. So rather than continue churning out tracks in the same mold – which would have been easy, but ultimately soul destroying – we had to take a step back to reassess where our music was going. We feel now we have reached that point and can get excited about the future of our music again.

Stripped down Drum and Bass as we like it. Carefully selected and mixed by Craggz and Parallel Forces. Check out whats up and coming over at DOA

Craggz & Parallel Forces – Shake the Disease
Bal – All City
Code 3 – Escape Hatch
Redeyes – Move
Phobia & Jubei – Coopers Dream
Instra:mental – Thugtronic
Data – Splice
Craggz & Parallel – Magnetize
Marcus Intalex & ST Files – Dreamworld
Rufige Kru – Shanghai
Jonny L – Evar
Doc Scott – Shadow Boxing
Spy – Eclipse
Bal – Red River
Spectrasoul – Organiser
Craggz & Parallel – Get Left
Lenzman & Treez – Neckbrace
Craggz & Parallel – Transients
D Bridge – Wonder Where

7 thoughts on “Craggz and Parallel Forces – Mix for DOA 04/2009

  1. Looking forward to this, on the DL…. looks to be a good selection of recently released and forthcoming tunes!

  2. the pic makes me think…….im never too old to start trying to make it lol

    pon zee dl

  3. @ Binocular – haha u saying I look old like geez, I am only in my early 30s u know not 50s haha – big up peeps

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