Counterstrike – Live At The Monastery Vienna 27/05/05


Counterstrike (Algorythm Rec. – Cape Town, South Africa) visited Vienna during their ‘Beyond The Grave Tour”. Heavy mix feat. tracks from labels like Freak, Tech Itch, D&R Prod. and Revolution.

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“..Counterstrike has played an instrumental role in putting South Africa on the world drum ‘n bass map. Justin Scholtemeyer AKA Animal Chin and Eaton Crous AKA 500 Mills, have been active drum ‘n bass DJ’s on the club/rave circuit since the mid Nineties playing all over South Africa and recently England, Germany, Norway, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Austria and Switzerland. Counterstrike has been producing drum ‘n bass as a collective since 1998..”

Party pics by Shroombab

Tour dates

Counterstrike – Bodybag [Freak]
Counterstrike – ???
Dom & Gridlok – Moodswings [Dom & Roland Productions]
Corrupt Souls – Skullfucked [Black Sun Empire]
Empire X – Blood Train [Freak]
Limewax – The Lawra [Freak]
Evol Intent & Ewun – Rapture [Human Imprint]
Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – NWA 911 [Freak]
Corrupt Souls – 1138 [Black Sun Empire]
Silent Witness & Klute – Cowpoke [DNAudio]
Limewax – Eye’s of Evil [Freak]
Dylan & Tech Itch – The Legend (Evol Intent Remix) [Tech Itch]
Tech Itch feat MC Jakes – Life of Sin (Limewax Remix) [Tech Itch]
Counterstrike – Zulu Warrior [Shadow]
Subject – Rage (Counterstrike Rmx) [Trickdisk]
Counterstrike, Soma, & Sirius – Ghost [Revolution]
Counterstrike – ???
Limewax – Everything [..??]
SPL – Realize […tbc]
Counterstrike, Limewax & SPL – Killing Machine [..tbc}
Panacea – Bear of Berlin [Outbreak]
Gein – Street Sweeper [Freak]

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