Big Bud – “Connections LP Promo Mix” for Breaksblog 09/2009

Big Bud - Connections LP


Big Bud delivers yet another classy and effortlessly beautiful long player, packed full of all the musicality you’ve come to expect from him and featuring special guests Utah Jazz, Furney and Mike Romeo.

Big Bud is back with a lovely new album due to drop on the 21.09.2009. He has been touring loads in the past years testing out tunes and studying dancefloor reactions which made this album his most ‘dancefloor’ album to date yet without compromising the musical element in his music. Check out Big Buds discography if you are not fully aware of the mans history. The CD version of the album also features a heavy bubblin piece of dub and a couple more excellent, non-dnb tracks. Peep all tunes over at S.T. Holdings. This is the Connections LP Promo Mix for Breaksblog. Enjoy!

01. Big Bud – Kiki (Connections LP)
02. Big Bud – Soul Sista (connections lp )
03. Big Bud + Furney – Diggit (Connections LP)
04. Big Bud + Greg Packer – Rise (soundtrax DUB)
05. Big Bud – White Widow (Connections LP)
06. Big Bud – Big Bud – Soul On Fire (soundtrax DUB)
07. Big Bud – Want You So Bad (Connections LP)
08. Big Bud – FumbleDUB (Connections LP)
09. Big Bud – Forever (soundtrax)
10. Big Bud – Kupus U Uglu (Connections LP)
11. Big Bud – Millennium – Utah Jazz rmx (Connections LP)
12. Big Bud + Mike Romeo – Guiding Star (Connections LP)

25 thoughts on “Big Bud – “Connections LP Promo Mix” for Breaksblog 09/2009

  1. Which tune is the one with this oriental guitar and clarinet? it’s brilliant!

  2. I keep expecting MC Conrad to cut in- this is really taking me back to the progression session glory days! White widow is gorgeous, going to have to track down the album… cheers bud!

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