Bailey feat. Spectrasoul @ BBC Radio1 02/09/2009



DJ Bailey catches up with Spectrasoul and drops some heavy D’n’B Bangers!

About 30 minutes of interview and tunes with the guys chatting about their history and production routines followed by a quick 20 minutes worth mix. Some unheard Spectrasoul bits and more in here.

Lenzman & Redeyes – High & Low (Integral)
Dj Chap – Tell Me
Edward Oberon – Paradise
Calibre – Let Me Hold You
Cinematic – Colour Blind (Spearhead)
Furney – Song For Kong (Good Looking)
Interface – Get Lo (Audio Zoo)
Roni Size – Windrush (Heist remix) (V Recordings)
Heist – Quake (Sumo Beatz)

1Xtra D’n’B Chart
5. Instra:mental – Watching You (Non Plus +)
4. Calvin Harris – Ready For The Weekend (High Contrast remix)
3. Hazard – Wicked So (Playaz)
2. Alix Perez – Down The Line (Break remix) (Shogun Audio)
1. Sub Focus – Rock It (Ram Records)

S.T.A.S.H. ft DJ Fresh – Phaze Two
Logistics – Warehouse (Hospital)
Spectrasoul ft Kenny Notts – 4 Points (Metalheadz)
Total Science & Spy ft Riya – Testimony
Breakage Foundation – Digital Soundboy

Spectrasoul – How Strange
Commix – Justified (Spectrasoul remix) (Metalheadz)

Spectrasoul in the mix
Alix Perez & SpectraSoul – Forsaken (feat Peven Everett) (Shogun Audio)
Noisia & Phace – Floating Zero
SpectraSoul – Mimic
SpectraSoul – Wedgehead (Critical)
Icicle & Noisia – Driftwood
SpectraSoul – Guardian (Know you want me)
Commix – Belleview (D Bridge’s Belle-Review Mix) (Metalheadz)
Alix Perez – Voices

Dom & Roland – Jungle Beast (Dom & Roland Productions)
Total Science & S.P.Y. – Jerico
Zero T & Bailey – Wasp Factory
Moses & HLZ – Nexus 7 (Liquid V)
Heist – Sleep In Your Eyes (V.I.P. mix)
Potential Badboy – Fast Cars
Edward Oberon – Paradise

11 thoughts on “Bailey feat. Spectrasoul @ BBC Radio1 02/09/2009

  1. Cheers!

    Does anyone have the full show? I want to check a few tunes from the last hour or so.

  2. Bailey should read books as he sounds terrible on the radio. He is a very unprofessional radio host. Spectrasoul are on fire at the moment. Thank you Breaksblog.

  3. baileys usually a good presenter but he sounds pretty stoned on this one! Spectrasouls new track on exit is amazing (check instramental mix) “Trippin”??!!
    thnks breaksBlog

  4. I like SpectraSoul – It’s a shame that the big names in the scene only catch on to artists once they’ve reached a certain level in their production I’ve followed them from day one and I’ve been impressed all the way – Oh well big up them still!!

  5. not really, Friction, Doc Scott, D-Brdige and others have been supporting Spectrasouls tunes for ages.

    I’d say its more people like Bailey, who only started playing their tunes when they got signed to headz…from what i can remember anyway

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