Ant TC1 @ Bassdrive Radio 21/07/07

Ant TC1 @ Bassdrive Radio 21/07/07


Wicked 2 hours rollout by Ant TC1 for Electronic Warfare @ before his gig in Brooklyn.

Update: Use this mirror for a high quality recording. Thanks to Overfiend @ Bassdrive for the link.

“Resolution” – Alix Perex – Shogun Audio
“Can’t Hide it” – Atlantic Connection & Redeyes
“Mainline” – Survival & DBridge
“Lowlife” – Marcus Intalex – Soul:R
“Bellvue” – Commix – Metalheadz
“Carnivore” – Lynx ft. Kemo – Soul:R
“Summer Solstice” – Saburuko
“Waves” – Stress Level, Ant TC1 & Chris.SU – Dispatch
“The Rapture” – DBridge
“Latency (InSight rmx)” – Saburuko – Horizons
“No More” – Survival & Zero Tolerance – Dispatch
“The Vendetta” – Chris.SU & Ant TC1
“The Mule” – Lynx & Aaron Jay – 31 Records
“Situations (Ant TC1 & Stress Level rmx) – Atlantic Connection – Dispatch
“Fire & Water” – Calibre – Soul:R
“The Sun &Moon Group” – Loxy & Munk
“Never never” – Klute – Commercial Suicide
“Elite” – Sabre
“Sleeper” – Survival – Audio Tactics
“Indigo Run” – Stress Level & TC1 – Dispatch ~ Horizons
“Red 7” – Marcus Intalex – Soul:R
< "Untitled"> – Alix Perex, Icicle & Switch
“Caravan (Stress Level & Ant TC1 rmx)” – Tactile – Dispatch
“Ringing Ears” – Break – Commercial Suicide
“No Love (Saburuko rmx)” – InSight – Horizons
“Wide Eyes” – Marcus Intalex – Soul:R
“Apathy” – DBridge & Survival

29 thoughts on “Ant TC1 @ Bassdrive Radio 21/07/07

  1. sick sick sick. Big ups for this one here!

    I believe that Lynx and Kemo – “Carnivore” should be “Carnival”.

  2. this was a part of the weekly saturday show of ew warfare with mr. overfiend big big ups

  3. Why 320 KBit? For this poor sound quality 96 KBit would be enough… :(

  4. respect to Ant TC1 and Overfiend.. hmm lots of whining going on. STFU and enjoy the free music :P

  5. ames – marky remix of snow patrol what are you on about? He doesnt play that? SICK MIX BTW

  6. Wicked set…just one question though, is it Lynx “Carnivore” or “Carnival” ?

  7. hey hey ant! way to go thanks alot my good man.the brawler?haha got a story

  8. I’m pretty sure that Overfiend is going to get Tim setup with the original 256k archive of the recording, which he can pass on to you guys in this post. The 320k version that’s currently up there is transcoded from the 128k bassdrive stream (which is transcoded in realtime from the source feed) so that would explain the sound quality issue.

    For people doing stream ripping and editing the files, I suggest you check out mp3DirectCut, here:

    EW Krew

  9. was expecting this to be more on the liquid side of things but whatever.

    and official “how many times the host of the show annoyingly said “pressure” thruout the mix:

    2,477 times.

    big up yaself.

  10. Vicky – Maybe everytime the host says “pressure”, you should envision the host releasing a load of pressure right in your face.

    and official “amount of people who care about a message board troll complaining about free music”:


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