Aaron Jay – Mix for Breaksblog 09/2008

Aaron Jay | Influence Records

info: myspace.com/influencerecordsdnb

Hope people are feeling the tunes I’m pushing in the mix. Tried to keep it rolling, fresh, entertaining. But above all I wanted to play some of the best music in my box right now… Big shout to all the producers that support me and give their wonderful music. One Love

Aaaron Jay does it again, with the September 2008 episode of his regular BB exlusive mixes.
Nuff fresh, deep and nasty tunage in this 192kbps, full cd-length mix … Big one!

01. Tell Me – Specific (DUB)
02. Lonely Heart – Lenzman (DUB)
03. Everything To Give – Brother (DUB)
04. Shallow – Ben E (DUB)
05. Peninsula – SpectraSoul (DUB)
06. My Thoughts Exactly – Sinistarr (DUB)
07. Snake Fist – Bladerunner & Serum (DUB)
08. Be With You – Eveson (DUB)
09. Night Drive – Spirit (DUB)
10. Space Music – Syntex (DUB)
11. Renegade Snares – Bootleg (DUB)
12. La Vacca – Edward Oberon (Influence Records DUB)
13. Excursion – Atom (DUB)
14. Live and Direct – DJ Vapour (DUB)
15. Let Go – Specific (DUB)
16. Routine – Soul Intent Feat. Yorke (DUB)
17. Heal Us All – K-Dan (DUB)
18. Kid – Edward Oberon (DUB)
19. Vice – Data (DUB)

35 thoughts on “Aaron Jay – Mix for Breaksblog 09/2008

  1. He does it each and everytime, Aaron Jay smashes it with another mix for adult’s only !

    This guy is serious…….

  2. Thanks again Aaron. Always a pleasure to hear whats new and deep in the world of dnb. Quality controlled selection. Keep them coming :)

  3. Brother did it again with everything to give, but why does the 1st two tracks sound like their going through that awful timestretching phase?

  4. whats the name of the tune that kicks in @ 54:30…boy o boy this kicks some serious butt

  5. Track @ 63.00 by K-Dan…. very Ed Rush 1996…half expecting Mad Different Methods to come in next!! … one for Rider’s post-jail box perhaps :-)

  6. That first track is huge. Looking forward to that one getting a release. Another big mix from Aaron Jay.

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