Aaron Jay – Influence Records Podcast 12/2009

Aaron Jay | Influence Records

info: myspace.com/djaaronjay

Yes its been a while but its here. Watch out for the link do download soon. Here’s the track listing and sorry about my mic, was having a few technical issues with it! Happy New Year!
Aaron Jay

Mr. Influence Records has moved places and is finally back with the final installment for 2009. Some issues with the microphone but plenty good music inside.

Mode – Riley (DUB)
Flaco – Set you off (Jaybee remix) (DUB)
Andy Sim – Meander (DUB)
Sinistarr – Fallbrook (DUB)
Clart and ATP feat Elijah John & dBAudio – So Close (DUB)
A-Sides – Follow the Groove (Eastside Records)
Flaco – Untouchables (DUB)
Mutt – Sarah’s Smile (DUB)
DJ Chap – Bohemia (DUB)
Redeyes – Oh Please (DUB)
Atom – The Ally (DUB)
Dave Owen – Yo Girl (DUB)
A-sides (Feat MC Fats) – Rebel Rouser (DUB)
Random Movement – Hopeless Romantic (DUB)
Derrick & Tonika – Monologue
ATP – Shibuya Nights (DUB)
Notion & Dave Owen – Woeful (DUB)
Eveson – Lazy Blue (DUB)
Mr Joseph – Insecure Girl (DUB)
Edward Oberon – Paradise (DUB)
Mr Explicit – Philadelphia Sunrise (DUB)
Paul SG – Touch (DUB)
Redeyes & Sinistarr – Solar 9 (DUB)
A-sides (Feat Break) – Definite (DUB)
Calibre – Light Years (Creative Source)
Spirit – Two Tone (DUB)
Data – Mask of Sanity (DUB)
Atlantic Connection – Jobos (DUB)
Notion – The Happening (DUB)
? – ? (Naughty DUB)
Serum & Bladerunner – Images (Critical)
Calibre – Crazy (Creative Source)

9 thoughts on “Aaron Jay – Influence Records Podcast 12/2009

  1. Yo Aaron, just downloaded this, looking forward to hearing all the new dubs, respect as always. From your boy Karim

  2. Noice… loads of fresh bits and bobs… not heard Rebel rouser for ages but love that track… :0) Cheers Mr Jay!

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