Aaron Jay – Influence Records Podcast #1 25/10/2008

Aaron Jay

info: myspace.com/djaaronjay

Here it is… 2hrs of some of the best DnB music around. Apologies for the quietness of the mic, I will sort this out on the next one. I hope you all enjoy the music… Feedback is more then welcome.

Breaksblog regular Aaron Jay on the faders and microphone.

01. Intro – Calibre (DUB)
02. Reconnaissance – Data (DUB)
03. Light Speed – Bladerunner (DUB)
04. Blow Up – Bal (Influence DUB) not Marquee Moon!
05. What you won’t do – DJ Clart (DUB)
06. Finding the right words – Paul SG & Eros (DUB)
07. Damascus – Zero T (DUB)
08. It could happen – Specific (Influence DUB)
09. Rattled System – Mix Master Doc & Random Movement (DUB)
10. On the Hush – Dave Owen (DUB)
11. Apologize – Henree & Hiten (DUB)
12. Zumbi dos palmares – Mjazzy (DUB)
13. Buried – Spectra Soul – (DUB)
14. Photograph – Instru:Mental (DUB)
15. Pray 4 Me – Bladerunner (DUB)
16. This is Real – Furney (DUB)
17. Breath In – Atom (DUB)
18. Rotation (REMIX) – Marky & XRS (V Records)
19. Park Ave – Sinistarr (DUB)
20. Bear Hug – Lenzman (DUB)
21. Out of Reach – Specific (Influence DUB)
22. Red River Valley – Bal (DUB)
23. High Rise – Spirit (DUB)
24. Untitled – Serum & Vapour (DUB)
25. 80’s Lick – Bladerunner (DUB)
26. Switch – Edward Oberon (DUB)
27. You Need Me – Rikki Blue (Aqua Sonic Records)

109 thoughts on “Aaron Jay – Influence Records Podcast #1 25/10/2008

  1. This is Real – Furney has been KILLING ME for fucking ages!!!! SOMEBODY PLEASE RELEASE IT!!!!!

  2. nice nice…

    track 18 is Dave Angel – Roation (marky remix)

    which is an ultimate let down cos i was hoping it was
    Marky and XRS – Rotation (TC1 & Stress Level remix)

    Now that would have made my day!

  3. @ 56:00 – Photograph by Instra:mental (incredible tune btw)

    Too many great tunes played … ridiculous…… and u said u got sent 300 tunes in the last 4 weeks. Im ready for #2 :)

  4. Dave Angel – Roation (marky remix)
    is one underrated tune tho imo. the bassline switchup half in the tune roxxx.

  5. (DUB)(DUB)(DUB) FUCK IT!!!

    If you give any DJ some dubs (like these) he will recieve ‘big ups’ as seen on top.
    I don’t like this buissness in which only the top rated DJ’s can play dubs.
    I believe i and anybody else could rock you with these dubs.
    Where are the classics and dancefloor smasher???
    I really miss them. Not only the newest tunes are the best.
    Music is for everybody and everybody could buy them and play it again and again… Not only in this (really hot) mix.

    Mr. AJ, big up for this mix it rox.
    These words are no diz against you but for all the f***ing ‘here play my dub’ buissness.
    Dubs for all and save the vinyl.


  6. Aaron is pushing music/artists that he believes need to be heard. I can understand you saying dub dub dub..but there is always a few tunes this man introduces me to in each mix. Even something like Disco dodo – he was championing that 6 months b4 the big dogs caught on. ….

    If you want the club smashers then go buy a 1 nation cd box set…if you want to know what deep records you will probably be buying in the next 12 months then peep his mixes/podcasts.

  7. Yes mate you said it. A FEW tunes. And this is the right way. A few dubs and a few roller. And i don’t want a ‘only smashers’ mix. This is boring you know.
    The balance between the new and the classics is the art of DJing.

    The other side im shoutin’ about this ‘dub only’ mixes is, everybody want’s to play some of this tunes and in any way they get this. I don’ know where they get em but theres a huge criminal energy. There are so many DJ’s on MySpace for example who want to be ‘big playas’ and they rip or download dubs in a criminal way. Rollo you know this people i think. Cause a few weeks or month ago you banned one of them cause he played an illegal dub in his mix.

    It is a huge responsible to be a eminent DJ. Be careful with this.

    And i like to say again this mix is hot and i really like it. BIG UP AJ!

  8. i didnt ban anyone..just told some random dj that he shouldnt be playing unreleased tunes online with the permission of artist/label. but he still believed he had a right to……and that he was saving drum n bass.

    so when is podcast 2 mr aaron jay?

  9. No he didnt ban me I removed myself on my own. However it is verry funny to bump into this at this exact spot :) What are the ods of that? LOL

  10. Oh and Steppa relax noone here gives a shit about the art of dj-ing or dnb or anything else. Its just showing off of status. And the ass kissing that comes with it.

    As usual nothing extremely spectacular about the mixing here but the tracklist is the shit!

  11. i aint the president of anything…i was just very disappointed to see bassive obtain & play a tune i did with brother without any permission.

    anyway i have no more time for bassive.

    ……….back to the music :)

  12. It’s music get off your high horse before you fall and paralyze yourself. Big up specific on that It could happen, Dirty rolling beats is right wicked set at Nurtured Beatz.

    How comes none of you lot were at Nurtured Beatz – Come on people support good music ey?!


  13. One thing i don’t like these mouth and nasal sounding drums in the tunes these days just bounce with the breaks and stop chewing.

    It’s annoying actually feel like turning it off

  14. 05. What you won’t do – DJ Clart (DUB)

    That tune really sucks…Nice way to destroy a classic…Big up

  15. Dubs or no dubs, good tunes. Always nice to play a mix with a ton of unreleased music in it. Good to know when it comes out (if at all) if I actually want it or not. Keep it up!

    Although I was so over Disco Dodo by the time it came out….

  16. “Although I was so over Disco Dodo by the time it came out….” Pruven Music, October 28, 2008 at 00:57

    This is why there are no sales.


    Bout time the insustry realised that there WOULD be money in it if it wasn’t for the dub culture….

    Or get their arses into gear and manage to put out a record in enough time to at least catch the hype…..

  17. yo ? I said this a while back and I definitely feel it is an accurate statement.

    tracklist looks nice. on the dl!

  18. Wtf is this talking doing in my mix?! Tim, please tell us if dudes are going to be chatting it up in the mix, I know you don’t have too, but I’d enjoy it if you did. I’m here for the mixes, not some guy being “cool” and talking inbetween tracks…

  19. Some great music on this mix

    Nice argument about dub culture etc aswell. I think vinyl sales would be healthier if music was released quicker. Shame labels / djs / artists dont see that.

    However on the flip, its great to see people like AJ & Doc Scott doing regular mixes for people to DL to give them a taste of whats forthcoming

    Keep up the good work Aaron

  20. Doc is always giving the respect they deserve to the older released tunes. Not to be compared in any way with the dub parade here. And ofcourse vinyl sales would be much biger if I could purchase any of these tunes in lets say the next week or two and not 1 year or 2. By that time all the important people have overplayed them. As I said before all this behaviour is nothing else but pure selfishness and showing off and it is verry damaging to a small scene like DNB. Not to mention it is verry disrespectfull for the small time dj’s that dont like to kiss ass for acess to dubs or if they do get some they are aparently not allowed to play it. Rollo self proclaimed president of dnb dude forbids it. :)

  21. “However on the flip, its great to see people like AJ & Doc Scott doing regular mixes for people to DL to give them a taste of whats forthcoming”

    true say, apologies, forgot to say that this a nice mix – thanks.

    However, “New Calibre tune… will be released next year some time”

    Hold em back a bit dudes….

    you don’t see pop dudes airing their shit if it aint out (or at least a single/ tour is on the horizon) within say a month or so….

  22. Big props Aaron,

    Yet another deadly selection!

    Looking forward to the next phase.

    Should have some new soundscapes for you soon, watch the inbox.


  23. How many old tunes were on the last scottie mix…. not many!

    Get your head out of your ‘arris pal, as you sound like your getting the green eyed monster syndrome

  24. I have to agree on the underlying sentiments behind the anti-dub rant, I think it’s the one constant in our scene that’s the most damaging. (My moniker is a reference to the initials of my real name, btw, not a confession :P)

    Saying that, though, I also love hearing new tunes before they get major rotation for the trainspotting factor. If the dub/release time frame was shortened I’d be a happy man indeed, most of the time it’s just ridiculous and I’m over a lot of stuff before I’ve even had a chance to play it myself.

    Annnnnyhoo, a wicked selection as always Mr Jay, you’ve become a firm favourite on my pod very quickly :) Keep up the good work, and keep the tunes coming on Influence, they’re hitting the spot nicely!

  25. Yes, D&B is pretty much the only genre in EDM that tends to shoot itself in the foot with dubs on a regular basis, just need to get them released quicker and it would work well.

  26. “Doc is always giving the respect they deserve to the older released tunes. Not to be compared in any way with the dub parade here.”

    As I checked his last mix posted on Breaksblog, the majority of the tracks are still on dub.


    So i don’t know what you’re whining about man. You really sound bitter about life in general, let alone not being a guy that gets a hold of new, unreleased stuff. Do some homework, do some positive networking with people in the scene. To call the producers and labels ‘selfish’ and ‘showoffs’ just shows how little you know about how this struggling business works. Don’t you think every label wants to get their upcoming material out into the public’s hands as fast as possible? There are multiple factors for keeping things held back.. mainly, a smart, well-run label doesn’t want to oversaturate the market with their label’s output all at once… people are tight on money these days as it is. Sure, going the digital route is great to get music out there in a more expedient fashion, but there needs to be quality control in that format as well. Basically it’s a neverending battle to please consumers: people want the music in their hands faster, digital labels step in and attempt to fill the void, vinyl purists bitch about music not being released on wax, and ultimately, due to higher production costs and lower sales, it’s tougher to get the vinyl out there at a rate that’s timely enough for people. Aaron is basically showcasing upcoming tracks for his label’s schedule, testing out tracks to potentially sign, and moreover, exposing some newer names popping up that are doing solid work that the public hasnt heard of. I dedicate 3 hours worth of radio programming each week to play basically the same thing and I DON’T even run a label. It’s great that you love the music and are passionate about it, but seriously, your comments are what really turn me off with a side of the music business: people who think they’re entitled to/owed something.

  27. But i think it’s the wrong way of label-buissness to put all the label signed artist in a dub mix and test it in a podcast or download mix and let the people tell you what they think about.

    Do you ask your girlfriend after ” a good night” what she thinks about?

    Go to the dancefloor play your dubs and have a look at the people. That is the right way to test what could be released and what rox.

    …and you should have a look @ ya gf next time banging… -jokin- ;)

  28. well said Stunna, think over half of the people just dont have a clue, like you say, i think its like swings and round abuts, like how u say, people moan that tunes take ages to come out, and then say a label will run a digital label to put out tunes that wont sell as well on vinyl ands thus the ;label will loose money, but like u say then they moan that its digital only, basically its a consumers market who unless u can meet their every need its impossible to please people. its any wonder why some artists bother coming back to these sites. here i dedicate 2 hours of my time to do a show and although i might help my label or might help get me gigs it aint worth having every part of my mix. you can bet your ass that say if the mix was 50% released and 50% dubs it would be, oh not that upfront etc etc, everytime i read shit like this makes me sigh – i like typing shit on the net coz i can and theres no ramifications

  29. Yo I’m not testing anything here on this mix, the tunes on Influence, they’re signed regaurdless of what anyone thinks here, in a club I don’t give a shit – it’s music I believe in and it’s music I want people to hear. I do dub mixes becuase that’s what turns me on, new ideas fresh music, it’s the same reason why you downloaded the mix and listened to it. I appreciate peoples frustrations having to hear music that’s so fresh, knowing you won’t get your hands on it for a along time and if at all, but that is the nature of the beast. For as long as I can remember drum and bass has been a dub culture, nothing new here! As a label owner I’m sitting on enough releases to carry me all the way through to 2010!!! I wish I could put them out faster but there are outside factors to take on board mainly the following:

    1, Is the artist well known enough that the music is going to sell enough to cover the production costs (yes it’s not all about the music)
    2, Is it the right time of year to release music, summer, christmas are not great times to release becuase people are watching the money
    3, Is there too many releases that the release will get lost?

    There’s loads of reasons why labels don’t release as quickly as consumers would like. What you guys have to remember is drum and bass unlike most other forms of dance music has an extremely quick turn around in music and everyone whats the new sound, new artist and A-List DJ’s are on the front line playing this music, it’s what keeps ‘our’ music forward thinking and fresh!

    A-List DJ’s don’t just get dubs because of their name, they’ve earnt their colours and have made it to the top through talent. Not everyone who loves this music and wants to make it in the scene will, its a numbers game, it’s about having talent and being at the right place at the right time. So for all you haters out there, belt up! Drum and Bass will never change so you might aswell get used to it or find another genre that gives you the consumer satisfaction that you so badly want…. RANT over!

  30. rant over, mate.
    You did your job and i hope you do as many as possible mixes like this and put em here.

    Cheers mate.

  31. @Stunna sorry man if I sounded “bitter about life” or that I’m a dude who doesnt get unreleased tracks belive me I have more than alot and I dont need to kiss anyones ass for them (what you call networking) they leak enuff so I dont need to do that. About Doc Scott, you know he didnt only do that last one, prior to that he done quite a few mixes where he played many released tunes.

    BTW maybe you can answer me this. Why is it that for you established names only new unreleased shit is worth playing? Also If it were about promotion as u say than you guys would be playing it when you know its gonna be released in 1 or 2 weeks or so. Youd keep it locked in da closet and when you know its about to come out give it to a few bigshot DJ’s to promote it. That would be promoting. This what you guys are doing no matter how much u explain me about the complications of releasing, is nothing but for your own ego’s and as I see I am not alone in this I repeat it again very damaging to a small scene like this. As pruven music said above, you guys are shooting yourselves in your own foot, but atleast it does good for your egos. I’m glad.

    Trust me Aaron is certainly not showcasing upcoming tracks as by the time they are coming everyone has forgot about most of em. Oh and theres the leakage, by that time many of they would have leaked, and frankly can you blame a guy for not waiting 2 years for it to be released? I bet you can. However I think that its not the pirates to blame they only love and want music faster, I think its “showcasing” like this to blame. I’m preety sure im gonna also have most of these soon and once i had it and played it to exhaust, by the time it comes out I heard a gazzilion other tunes and Aaron’s “showcasing” would be long forgoten. Or do you think this is all I’d be thinking for the next 2 years and wait patiently till you move your lazy asses so you dont over saturate the market? Yea right.

  32. Yes Aaron, exactly… I’ve been listening to this genre since I was hitting AWOL at SW1… I seem to remember the majority of the tunes then being dubs… here we are 10+ years later and the music is fresher and more progressive than ever…

    dubs “verry damaging to a small scene like DNB” – ??? Shutup…

    It’s simple:

    1) Have personality, drive, talent and make some friends within the scene and get given the opportunity to play tunes no one else in the wider circle of dj’s (mainly bedroom) have to play out.

    2) Start producing your OWN tunes and set up your own label = dubs galore!

    3) Stop moaning and f*ck off and listen to another genre…


  33. @ AJ trust me it is not because of your talent. It is because you are resident of the Swerve and dudes who wanna end up spining there give you dubs to open some doors, its got nothing to do with your talent, not even your label as it is fairly unknown, your ego boosting should end there. Ive heard 10 times more tallented people who cant get any attention because of mostly untalented A-list djs who do these unfair dubs competition. But as you said in your first part is the neature of the beast. I can’t agree more.

  34. I’ve been watching this thread for a while and wasn’t going to reply, and there have been many fair responses, but I just thought I would reinforce data’s point : NOTHING’S CHANGED! I’ve been into this music since 1988 and its ALWAYS BEEN LIKE THIS!

    – A-List DJ’s in the world of drum & bass have always, and will always, play dubs. You don’t like it – fine. Its always been like this and always will – you can’t change it. I think going to clubs or especially somewhere like sun & bass is mainly to enjoy yourself, but if you’re into your tunes, you will listen carefully – to know whats being played, how it goes off in the dance, and to hear what will be coming out in future.

    – Obviously, today you don’t have to pay £60 to get a real dubplate cut at music house, music these days is sent electronically (via AIM or whatever) and burnt to CD – so its quicker and easier to get “dubs” to play.

    – Music is coming out much quicker now that it did when hardcore started evolving into jungle in the early 90’s. All these moans – you havent spent every night after school or Saturdays going down to the record shop to get tunes which, when they’re gone, you’d never get again. Its easier now than ever to get tunes, both when they’re out and before they come out!

    – Yep, its frustrating to have to wait for tunes, but if you start making tunes, dj’ing a lot on pirate radio or in clubs, putting on nights, or maybe just meet (in real life, not online!) the dj’s / producers you may be able to get “dubs”. And when you do get one, its great! Its like you’ve earnt it.

    Finally I find it weird that this mix has sparked all this debate! There have been lots of mixes here, lots of “dubs”… anyway, I’m finding all this quite amusing. Carry on!

  35. @ Bassdrive, so I just landed a residency at Swerve because… I happen to bump into Fabio at the pub one day and said “Hey you’re that Fabio bloke off the radio, I play drum and bass too, fancy that! Hey you should let me play at your night, actually fuck it, make me a resident”. I worked my butt off to get in there, playing for free for about 4 years, running nights in Leeds for 2 years, playing in shit back rooms at one nation, rolling in at 5am after playing at empty nights all to build a name for myself and home my skills…I get dubs becuase I won a label and people ‘I assume’ respect me as a DJ for whatever the reason. I tell you what Bassdrive, put a bloody mix up on here and lets see what ‘skiils’ and ‘talent’ you got…take up the challenge or full back sir!

  36. AJ I will have to ignore that challenge. Even if I have a huge collection of dubs myself they are obtained by networking with pirates and not by networking with your circle of A-class dudes. Tried making a set once with some dubs I ended up geting tons of emails full of hate. Ask rollo he knows. And even if you give me this entire tracklist with your written aprooval to use em, im sure all this army of dudes who come here to blow smoke up your ass by calling me an idiot in hope they get a dub or 2 will demolish it, so whats the point? You guys are beyond any possibility of ever being fair and the weirdest thing is that you are being unfair to your verry own customers.

    The only dudes who ever buy dnb is guys like me small unknown dj’s who play small gigs. For example I just bought Data’s curfew just a cpl of days ago,
    and now he comes here and tells me hes own tune that I bought doesnt have any value anymore because its not a dub and it has been released a while back and if I dont like this situation I should go listen something else. Yes mr Data that is exactly so. I can give you the receipt if you don’t belive me.

  37. @Bassdrive I didn’t ask for a dub mix. You said I don’t have talent, fine you are entitled to your opinion, I challanged you to put up ‘a mix’ so we can see how good your skills are and whether you have talent? Let the peeps ay Breaks blog judge you sir…

  38. NOTHING’S CHANGED! I’ve been into this music since 1988 and its ALWAYS BEEN LIKE THIS!

    This is true however, you are overlooking one major point.

    EVERYTHING else has….

    How much more freely can someone download/ listen to the unreleased tunes now as opposed to the early 90’s?

    I agree that it has always been this way BUT, back in the day you (consumer) would hear the tune at CLUBS or on Tape packs – Both made money, both served as promotion.. people would have to put up with a wanker MC ranting over their favourite new dub until it came out so they could rush to buy it and listen to it straight…

    now… I don’t know the answer (maybe tag your mixes, like Intalex does with RBMA)..

    either way, I am not saying don’t do the mixes (I love em!!), just that the scene has to move with times and be a bit more savvy/ business minded…

    Personally, the reason why I see this as a hot topic is that I find it a shame that GOOD producers have to make money by either DJing, starting their own record label (saturating the market) or having a normal job for their own income….. When more money could be coaxed out of the consumer…

  39. p.s Shame that this ended up in your thread AJ, nothing personal about you or this Mix – It’s quality incedentally…

  40. p.p.s. I used to have to search out nights and become a regular at them to hear the tunes that I like….

    now I download a nice mix and cane it… can’t find a good night which plays music like this probably because no-one needs to go to them any more so they don’t make enough moola to consider putting on..

    Incedentally – Jump up/ more commercial D&B that in which it’s harder to track down mixes with the freshest dubs coming out (because the A-listers keep the Dubs in Clubs and on CD’s which people BUY): There are loads of clubs that play this type of D&B that are always packed and the records shift more units…

  41. I like this dub – buissness discussion… :)

    The main problem is, only a-list djs can play dubs, cause labels and producers give them the dubs. not the djs shout gimme some dub mate. and they dont have to pay for it.
    but the non a-list djs have to pay for it if it come out anytime and then these tunes are not really up to date.

    So please dont rant against the djs its not they blame.

    I think a lot of producers and label owners are reading this blog and they have to think about there dub phillosophy. Dubs for all is the key. For example make a dub newsletter and give away some dubs for the fastest people who want to download them. And if you fear of that they give this to friends a anything else theres the DRM to controll it.

    And mates, dont call anybody idiot.


  42. First off, big ups to Aaron for doing these mixes. Gives me and the lady a chance to check out new tuneage, and something to play in the car.

    If you’re into DNB you have to be happy with what you can get, unfortunately. If you want the newest and freshest releases, you have to be invested into the scene, and that’s work – or know where to download the pirated shit. It’s not like Pop or Radio Rap where all you need is a checkbook to be in tune with the scene.

    It’s frustrating for sure, but this can be a frustrating scene from all angles – club-goer, tune-player, party-thrower, label-owner. There’s no money in it, cats are just fighting for some respect and a little bit of cash.

    I had some sort of helpful input or whatnot, but it came out like jibberish. S’pose I should go back to work.

    ez BreaksBlog crew

  43. This is a good thread and an open forum, you shouldn’t feel like you are a troll just because you state an opinion that disagrees with the original post…

    “The only dudes who ever buy dnb is guys like me small unknown dj’s who play small gigs. For example I just bought Data’s curfew just a cpl of days ago, and now he comes here and tells me hes own tune that I bought doesnt have any value anymore because its not a dub and it has been released a while back and if I dont like this situation I should go listen something else. Yes mr Data that is exactly so. I can give you the receipt if you don’t belive me.” – I’m not that Data and you should calm down :0) I couldn’t care less what you’ve bought or not some of your points sound like you’re about 11…

    “NOTHING’S CHANGED! I’ve been into this music since 1988 and its ALWAYS BEEN LIKE THIS!

    This is true however, you are overlooking one major point.

    EVERYTHING else has….

    How much more freely can someone download/ listen to the unreleased tunes now as opposed to the early 90’s?”

    Everything else? Check out any current flyer and see who’s rinsin’ the clubs… apart from the VERY VERY talented few (Lynx, Alix, Break etc etc) it’s the same dudes that were ages ago and their the guys really flexing the dubs because they are the guys with the reach and they are the guys playing to the people that fall in love with the tunes and snap them up as soon as THEY ARE AVAILABLE… we are talking about people within the scene (dj/producer boundry has all but been erased now) releasing a promotional mix of tunes currently unavailable that are brilliant, fresh and very up front, and b-list (for want of a better word but this seems to me to be self-suggested by those chatting in this thread calling other Dj’s a-listers) dj’s moaning cos’ they can’t play those tunes out or get an idea of release aren’t we? That’s the gist from this thread I’ve got… it smacks of jealousy and envy and is tiresome – I used to feel like this even when I was residenting and I had to pay for promo’s from my own record shop… In the end I just let things be, felt happier about it and really enjoyed DJ’ing again, promo or full release, it didn’t bother me or the people brocking out on the floor!

    This argument really does have two clear sides – dj’s/producers/those that are in touch with the scene and have been for many years Vs. pirate, b-list bedroom dj’s bitter about the fact that their are people deep within the scene (deservedly Mr Jay I might add) able to post mixes on wicked blogs with track lists that are majority “dubs” (I was one of these people once) … Just enjoy the tunes man and wait for them to come out, don’t pirate either, it’s theft.

  44. “… Just enjoy the tunes man and wait for them to come out, don’t pirate either, it’s theft.”

    Your words in everybody’s ear.

  45. Am I missing something or what??!! These DJ’s upload their mixes here for us to download for free and people are complaining that there’s too many new tunes in the mix.??!! It’s better than waiting until the early hours of the morning and taping (for those of you too young to remember, taping = music cassette tapes – what, you’ve never heared of them, nevermind!!) Fabio & Grooverider’s show back in the day as that was the only place you could hear any D&B. It does pi$$ me off that it could take 2yrs for a tune to be released, if at all (Lemon D ‘City Lights’ anyone?) but it’s always been the same. The good tunes are worth waiting for :-)

  46. Sorry Tony didn’t mean to hit a sore point: I am not a DJ or producer… just explaining why I don’t feel the need to buy any tunes any more…. shame… Was hoping to be of help

    IMO – A music scene shouldn’t just be for the people that make it/ play it out…

  47. I have been following aaron jay for a few years now, seeing him grow as a swerve res and playing around london, he’s always tried to showcase the deeper side of things and stuck to his guns. Don’t try and mug him off, he’s a fine DJ, in the real sense of the word, anyone can mix, but not everyone can craft a set, a journey, a movement – he’s growing all the time. He got his chance and he’s taken it, he doesnt lord it, he loves what he does.
    His label is new and you can tell from the first release and the others he has signed that he’s got the balls to put out quality music and not just look for the units.
    this whole dubs arguement is pretty silly, i’ve also been listening to d/b for years , fucking years actually and mike p is 100% right, you could wait 2/3 years for a tune but that was how it worked, now some are lucky , others have to wait, i play but not as much as others..so after all these years i dont go mad for the dubs, unless i’m on the fringe or on radio every week is it really that much of a problem ?
    I’m happy enough to run over to soho every friday and get the promo’s…even when i’m not playing out i still buy tunes, i love the hunting
    if we’ve had over 10 years of great music can’t you dip in the crate as well ?
    i understand people downloading mixes
    but downloading tunes which weren’t given to you is wrong …


  48. some serious tune envy going on here.

    “the reason for bad record sales is dubs” ????? wtf??

    i dj using 11 year old maxwell tapes now….so sod all you vinyl and CDR losers

  49. Interesting discussion, that’s for sure! :-)

    Neither being a producer nor a DJ, let me explain my point of view as listener/consumer/clubber whatever you want to call it:

    IMHO a very good example for extreme time spans between the outcoming of dubplates and the real release of a tune is Goodlooking Records. Remember when we heard Drum Toolz first back in 2006? It took over TWO years to be released. OK, that could be a result of the rumored bankruptcy of GLO, but nevertheless I think it’s fully intended this way by Bukem. I’ve been to two Bukem Gigs in the last months, and >90% of the tunes he plays live are dubs. The result is, you’re totally flashed by this –unbelievable- cuttin’ edge DNB, and crave to get your hands on these tunes. And Bukem (representative for other DJs of course also) knows that. If he’d throw those tunes around, anybody could listen to them at home and his gigs would lose their “extraordinarity. And speaking of GLO, it would demystify that label, and it seems that this is not going to happen in the next time… -.-*

    On the one hand it’s kind of frustrating that after gigs you know that you won’t get your hands on the tunes for the next couple of months/years. On the other hand it’s always cool to dig out tunes when you are searching the record shops way later. I’m often like “Yeeeeeah I reckon this one, I’ve heard it on some set, a bunch of months ago!” It’s like digging out gemstones. ?
    The only really sad thing is, that there’s never a warranty that a track is released at all. A good example is Calibre’s “Tanner”. A killer tune, with no proposed release date… ?
    And that’s perhaps what causes jealousy/envy in people. Not the waiting, but being completely at the mercy of some producers/label owners…

    I blame in NO way the DJs for this, at last THEY are the ambassadors of the new tunage, and we should be happy to get a glance of the future of our beloved music, by listening to mixes containing Duplates like this one, or by going to gigs like Bukem ones.

    Just my 7 cents


  50. Henrik you just sent me back in time to my first visit to London, diggin thru crates in three or four stores in SoHo, back in 2000. That feeling when you dig out something you love is priceless… I distinctly remember almost going bonkers when I found the Just a Vision promo… heart racing, blood pressure high, dude move over I need that turntableeee, where’s my wallet..!

  51. Henrik, totally agree, and in fact the example you gave of drum toolz is spot on… like everyone I was craving that tune hard, then when I booked Furney for Launch he gave me a copy – it was like Christmas! I was so stoked – priceless, as Lekke says, and I think I played that tune every radio show and party I did for about a year. You can’t get that feeling from ripping off dubs online and looking over your shoulder / hiding behind a pc! Also agree its hard to wait and frustrating when tunes never make it to release… finally to “?” I don’t disagree with your point about producers not making £$ off tunes like back in the day – but I think thats a bit of a different issue, and probably a new topic in itself!

    What’s Bassive favourite type of music?
    – Dubstep

    What’s Bassive’s favourite tune:
    – Dub be good to me

    Who did Bassive vote for?
    – George Dub ya Bush

    etc.. (sorry!) :)

  52. bassive is entitled to his opinion

    its all a matter of…. oh who cares anyway

    if we’re talking dubs, lets start on calibre and his wardrobe fullof DATS !

    i want tanner, i want model way, i want life, i needz more calibre………….

  53. “…and >90% of the tunes he plays live are dubs. The result is, you’re totally flashed by this –unbelievable- cuttin’ edge DNB, and crave to get your hands on these tunes. And Bukem (representative for other DJs of course also) knows that. If he’d throw those tunes around, anybody could listen to them at home and his gigs would lose their “extraordinarity.”

    This is what im talking about. Dubs on the dancefloor for flashing the people.
    No “only dub” mixes cause the tunes lose magic if you listen again and again and again…

    And kred… What’s ya problem? This are oppinions so do not rant against people. Accept this and only tell us your oppinion. THX.

  54. er.. no problem… was just giving my opinion on what others had said… not sure what the difference between that and ranting is. also thought I’d try and lighten things up with a few bad jokes. oh well! cheers

  55. This seems like a very long thread… over a couple of people having ‘dub envy’… It seems funny to think that some people think that the big dogs just get dubs because they kinda fell lucky… I think that if you ask most of the big dj’s how did you get to so many dubs.. the answer will be hard work just like everything else in life.. I would suggest for the moaners if you want to get hold of this cutting edge stuff put the effort in and may be you will get your break! Don’t mug off some else achievements it aint cool..

    I have known Aaron for time and know how much hard work had to be put in to secure a residency at Swerve… he use to be just as frustrated that he could not get hold of the fresh tunes.. did he moan about it… no he did some thing about it! Stop bitchin enjoy the music… you chose to download it… if you hate hearing dub after dub then do not download the mixes and podcasts…

  56. Errm… A case of mistaken identity earlier on methinks! This is the first time I’ve posted in this thread.. Thanks for buying Curfew, I do appreciate it, that’s why I thought I’d better clean that up. :]

  57. @bassive, i am sure you are the same person that did the mix full of ‘dubs’ (that you had gotten off the net, and played without permission)?

    stop being such a hypocrite you numpty!

    and as far as mixes go, i hardly ever want to down load a studio mix full of released tracks i have already bought, in the club its different but as far as these radio/podcast things go you want to hear new beats!

  58. dubs are a part of the business called drum & bass. they belong to it like the drums to the bass.
    and if you want to get your fingers on them you have to get into the circle of the so-called a-list djs. and the most common way to get there is to proof your mixing talents with tracks that were released already. and this mostly over years, like aaron jay.
    so i think dubs follow skills. dubs alone don’t make you a top dj. and i’d even say dubs can be considered as a proof for that someone’s made it.
    roll da beats!

  59. @intawarrior
    “dubs can be considered as a proof for that someone’s made it.”
    Wrong, dubs can be considered as a proof for that someone’s made it as a producer. But that’s another problem in d&b, imo. You can only be a top ‘dj’ if you’re a big name as producer. But this doesn’t say anything about your skills as a dj f.e.: selection, mixing,… You can count the names of big dj’s who made it (almost) without producing on one hand –> not good!

    And wtf with the ‘it’s always been like that’ argument’? So that’s always a good thing? Ofcourse, dubs are a part of the d&b culture, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But the fact it takes more than six months to almost two years before the dub is released, isn’t taking the d&b scene in a healthy direction. I’m sure every label would sell more if it didn’t take so long! I never ever understood what is going on in Bukem’s mind… Craving for a tune you heard on the dancefloor is nice, but not forever!

    So all those label owners/producers: give dubs to the people you want (be it a-class or bedroom dj’s, but not Bassive because he has a complete lack of respect) but ONLY if you know it will be released within six months pls! It will increase sales and make us all a little bit happier :)

    PS: Thx, AJ, big mix!

  60. LOLZ. Is it hot in here or is it just my imagination? ;p

    Think we need 15/20 more posts for a record btw…

  61. Right 2p’s worth coming up!!

    It is no coincidence that this is the topic that generates all the comments.

    Firstly can we stop calling them dubs. Most/all of these tunes are on CD or serato. This is not a fucking dubplate. Up until a few years ago Dj’s had to pay about £40 to get their music pressed up onto a limited play, one of a kind DUBPLATE. Most of the time it was done to test the mixdown of the tune and to see how the crowd would react. Before the internet it was the only way to find out what people were feeling in the clubs and in my opinion even though there is more choice available , THE MUSIC WAS MUCH BETTER WHEN SOMEBODY ACTUALLY HAD TO SPEND THEIR MONEY ON IT TO PLAY IT AND WHEN IT HAD TO SURVIVE THE TEST OF A CLUB FULL OF PEOPLE EXPECTING BIG TUNES.

    People have always been jealous of other DJ’s having music that they don’t but it is up to you to make sure you have access to as mush music as possible. DO YOUR HOMEWORK, THERE IS ENOUGH MUSIC IN THIS GENRE TO PLAY MUSIC THAT HAS BEEN RELEASED AND STILL SOUND FRESH.
    I have been given dubs before and recently I was given the hottest dub I have ever been given and it felt great. But I intro’d recently with Telemetrik -cosmos. Another DJ who hadn’t done his homework was all over it as if it was a dub he had never heard before but in fact it was about a month past release. This dJ actually intro’d with the same track himself a week later. It shows you though if a DJ is doing his job properly, and has music that people haven’t heard before he will promote the music he plays much better than any other form of p.r.

    In fact on that not does anyone feel like sending me some music??

  62. one big LOL, just spent a good 30 mins reading all your comments just because i was surprised at the discussion going on around this mix, i think its right to say this could be on any mix that has dubs on it on this site and it was just coinsidence that it ended up under Aarons mix
    ANYWAYS, im not going to get into all of that, cheers for the mix Aaron, its grown on me and was good to do my Christmas shopping to it lol, i was also at Dojo’s on Halloween that you also mentioned in the mix, good to hear you there and a proper roller of a night…….who cares about dubs when the music makes you feel like that on the dancefloor……i get the feeling that there are alot of people making comments on here that don’t get to hear these tunes being played out…..shame on you!! :)
    PS whens then next podcast and have you learnt to rewind!!?? :) lol joke bruv, keep it up!

  63. Big ups Mr Aaron Jay for the mix, really looking forward to giving it a listen, especially that Furney tune :)

    Quick note to any DJs feeling aggrieved at not being able to get their hands on the dubs; if you can’t rock a party using the d&b that’s already been released then the biggest bag of dubs in the world will do you no favours what-so-ever. Dubplates don’t maketh the DJ. For example, anyone who’s seen Andy C in a club should know that the tunes which get the biggest response when he plays out are usually the big anthems that have been around for time. So perhaps your time would be better spent learning more about the past rather than worrying so much about the future. Or whatever.

    stir stir stir

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