Aaron Jay – Februar Mix for Breaksblog 02/2008


info: myspace.com/djaaronjay

Aaron Jay with another exclusive one for all the heads! Watch out for very promising imprint Influence Records. First release will have the excellent tune “Junction” by Brother and promos should hit the stores end of march according to Aarons Jays MySpace Blog.

Also check the forthcoming bits for Influence Recs by the likes of Mixmaster Doc, Raw Q, Naibu and many more.

Concept and Shnek – No Witness (DUB)
Henree – Liberty (Vampire DUB)
Bal – Venus In Furs (DUB)
Spectra Soul – Tender Doubt (DUB)
Naibu – Dark Light (DUB)
Sinistarr – Nixed (Influence DUB)
Mix Master Doc & Focus – Strike at the wind (DUB)
Hobzee – Don’t Go (DUB)
Brother – Bird in Cage (DUB)
DJ Clart – Hangin (DUB)
Electro Soul System – Attention (DUB)
Sinistarr – Lynx is Playing at my House (DUB)
Spectra Soul – Wounded (DUB)
Survival – Delta (DUB)
Wagz – Rakim (DUB)
Instrumental – Rouge (DUB)
Sabre – Global (DUB)
Luca – Speak Easy (DUB)
Ill Logic & Raff – Be Free (DUB)

35 thoughts on “Aaron Jay – Februar Mix for Breaksblog 02/2008

  1. Love the image for this post and it communicates the point but was a single piece of vinyl/wax/acetate used in this mix? Perhaps an image of a CD-R would be more appropriate…

    Looks to be a great mix though!

  2. That last tune!! and the tune by Bal! im feeling what i’ve heard from Bal so far, but instrumental! ahh serious deep stuff

  3. Nice Goodie Mob samples on that last Illogic & Raf track “Be Free”! Serious flashback to the good ol’ days with those. Dope mix!

  4. [Comment ID #379851 Quote]

    yeah! really good, thanks.

    heard ‘bal -venus on furs’ on a few mixes posted here breaksblog and i’m absolutely loving it. can wait for it come out. also the last tune’s very nice indeed. raf & ill logic, quality over quantity.

  5. yeah i think venus in furs is due on play:music …. if it is anything like the wait for stasis it will be out in 2009

  6. Could someone repost this set? The link is dead, but I’m dying to get ahold of it as Aaron Jay’s mixes are always dope!

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