Street Fighter – Summer Liquid Mix 05/2005

Street Fighter ( Bassbin Rec. / Orel - Russia )

Dj Street Fighter ( Bassbin Rec. / Orel – Russia ) with a summertime selection, including forthcoming tunes from these labels: | horizons |

“Street Fighter is works one and already has achieved not bad results.
His tracks played Bailey on BBC 1xtra, Fabio&Grooverider on BBC Radio 1, Dj Complex on Charge FM and etc.
Street Fighter is signed on Bassbin rec and Horizons music.”

“Street Fighter was a music lover from his early childhood. In 1994 he started to study piano and guitar. But most of all he liked electronic music, because he felt that that kind of music gives wider possibolities to express his feelings and thoughts. After experimenting with several different styles Street Fighter decided to produce drum and bass music. Usually Street F producing such styles as intelligent,liquid,trancestep,darkstep,and etc., but there are some experements in other styles too.

In 1996 he made his first drum and bass tunes which attracted certain attention among Russian jungle people. In his music Street F tried to express all his emotions in every track, so his music differed in that way from other people’s tunes.

2000 -2004 years he works in russian dnb crew SLK

Their tunes were released in many compilations in Russia. Their music can be heard in many radio shows in Russia. They often participate in No.1 Russian dnb show “Pirate station”.

Their track ‘Crystal’ is signed on Jerona fruits rec.”

1 Kaleb&Contour – Straight ahead (Blu saphir dub)
2 Syncopix – General hospital (Hospital)
3 Cls&Wax – Quite perfect (Hospital)
4 Street Fighter – A star light (Horizons dub)
5 Artificial Intelligence – Desperado (Vrecordings)
6 High contrast – Racing green (Hospital)
7 Street Fighter – Love’s sunshine (Bassbin dub)
8 Logistics – Front to back (Inneground)
9 Greg Packer&MC Assassin – Landslide vip (Jerona fruits)
10 High contrast – St Ives (Hospital)
11 Contour – Synapse (Blu saphir)
12 Bcee&Lomax – Slow burner (Rubik)
13 Sci-phi – Stitch up (Jerona fruits)
14 Kaleb – Hold my love (Blu saphir dub)

33 thoughts on “Street Fighter – Summer Liquid Mix 05/2005

  1. ooh my gosh…what a beautiful mix! *love*
    will be transfered on my mdplaya immediately…taking a ride with my bike afterwards! =)

  2. mmm…prikolnij mix…ne plohije perehodi i temki toze klassnije, ljogenjkije…bil rad takoje uslishat’ i otdohnut’ ot mjasnih temok….RESPECT!!!

  3. LOVING the vibes in Love’s Sunshine… Goose bumps + head nodding everytime I hear it!!!

    I can’t wait to hear more of your sounds Street Fighter :D

    biggups from Atlanta, Georgia, USA!

  4. I’m trying to find that Love’s Sunshine track. It’s even not available legally anywhere :(

  5. Просто качественный красивый микс! всем сканчать!!! )))

  6. how can I get it? I lost the file and now it is unavailable! HELP! I want to hear it again:)))))

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