Silvahfonk – “Why moeilijk?” Studiomix 09/2008



This is my last studio kind of promotion mix of this year.. Its also one of the tuffest mix i did in years so.. im curious what you guyz and girls think of it.. Feedback alwayz welcome and much love respect power to.. The lady of my life Miss Splinter IChiOne and Antidote Wilsh and Dj Madcap and Andy Skopes and Fanu and everyone that believe in my as a dj and entertainer this is for you..

Nothing to add except “Look at that tracklist!”

01. Engineers without fears – Spiritual Aura
02. Wax Doctor – Kid Caprice
03. Doc Scott – Far Away
04. Dj Trace – By any mean necessary
05. Wax Doctor – Heat
06. Future Bound – Sorrow
07. Breakage – Lead on me
08. Instra:Mental – Rogue
09. Doc Scott – Vip riders ghost
10. Ray Keith – Chasin Shadows
11. Fanu – Siren Song
12. June Miller – Isis – dub
13. D Bridge – Creatures Of Habit
14. Seba & Krazy – Finola
15. Unkown Error – The Yearning
16. Macc – My beautiful
17. Pressure drop – Legacy
18. Fanu & Swerve – Cry – Dub
19. Nucleus & Paradox – decendants
20. Infest – Tinag – dub
21. Icicle – Final Stop
22. Fracture & Neptune – Time will tell
23. Andy Skopes – Lets try again- dub

29 thoughts on “Silvahfonk – “Why moeilijk?” Studiomix 09/2008

  1. know this is gonna go down well…..with that trak list it cant fail to disappoint.

    cheers………yet again breaksblog

  2. Been looking forward to this one, since the last one! hoping it’s sweet and medolic, so hard to find good d&b these days, anyone else feel the same?

  3. I want to thank mr Tim for sharing this mix on this absolutly great website. I alwayz around here to crab some mixes. And i feel hounoured to be a little part of it now with this second mix of mine..
    I dedicade this to all of you listners and i want to thankx everyone for his reaction and feedback.
    Big Big Big respect from Silvahfonk Holland Amsterdam IChiOne..

  4. This mix reminds me of that Dj Extreme oldskool series of mixes (absolute classics)… man, this is full of gems, this is going into my “keeper mixes” folder and I’m saving it for years to come!

    Pure quality… I want more…

    One of the best mixes the last time !
    Fanu-Siren Song !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Good tunes yeah, too bad about the little trainwrecks, the volume differences and sometimes it is not harmonic at all….

    mix is ok imo….

  7. Thankx for the critics mr Fistfear but you must know i am not a robot and older tunes are not produced tight so its hard to keep the tight.. And you must know this mix is not recored in a profesional studio..
    But anyway.. sad that is not perfect enough for your ears.. So i happy other people like it..
    Next time better..

  8. Fistfear, obviously you’ve never tried to mix these older tunes yourself, otherwise you would’ve known they’re not metronome tight. Besides that, the mixing is on point and the combos are beautiful, so I can’t understand why you’re talking about ‘little trainwrecks’, it doesn’t make any sense to me…. Silvahfonk is one of the most technically accomplished dj’s I know.

    Bigup mr. Silvahfonk, this mix is sheer quality :)

  9. Oh really? I’ve never mixed older tunes before? Hmm I wonder what I did with my ’92-’98 collection? hmmmm

    And not all the tunes are THAT old, so it is not an issue. For example, the mix of the breakage and instra:mental.

    Anyway, if the tunes weren’t metronome tight you shouldn’t mix them long, right?

    Sorry mate, i’ve heard better.


  10. Ow, now i’m a twat and a cunt. I’m sorry for you guys that you can’t handle feedback. Kids….

  11. heyo,

    fijne mix

    je had ook eens artwork kunnen laten doen door ons he ;)

    Nooit van gekomen…



  12. so far, so good. i might suggest not making such long mixes but it could be a preference thing.

    p.s. how did you know what my 2 favorite wax doctor tunes were? ;)

  13. First of all i want to give my full respect and apreciation so far for the good reactions and feedback.. Especialy to mr The Watcher and Tim for standing behind me as support j..
    Also i wants to say don’t attack Fistfear personaly he have a honest opinion about my mix and i accept it.. Im not total agree with his feedback but it means not that i can’t handle feedback.. and that he is wrong.
    Yeah the mix is not so tight as a “studio” mix but once again im not a robot and in my opinion, i think you must also listen how fast i correct. because for example the breakage lead me on tune with Instra:mental rogue that one is a one second thing so why complaining about that??? Do he realy things that that double drop goes total perfect.. it wish but that is not reality ..

    I am a dj for the last 15 years and in my opnion im not a bad one but also not a good one .
    My point is, with mixes is making combinations and bring it creative. as possible.
    I love the blend tunes long this because it sounds like a remix .
    For the people that are have more intressed about my mixes please search on this site to Spiritual Emotion a mix i did earlyer this year..
    And or surf to my myspace profile..

    Once again many many many thankx to the Breaksblog Tim for putting this mix on
    Mix with guts and don’t be afraid for making mistakes there are to many dj’s that play only one tune after another as safe as possible.. but for me that is not being creative..and entertainment
    Tight is good but playing with records is a form of art.
    Remember good music is not old and is not new good music is timeless
    And i alwayz wants to share and support artist that are agree with me about that statement.
    My regards peace

  14. And to Owen Paul Story?.. i din’d know that those wax doctor tunes are your fav.. They are mine to haha.. Big up and thankx for listning

  15. I especially like the blend of old and newer flavour here, this mix definitely has a unique touch. The little technical inconsistencies add club feeling.
    Nice one!

  16. Hey Silvahfonk,

    I’m a bit late to the game (Damn, is it really October 17 already?), but I just listened to this mix of yours and it’s instantly become one of my all-time favorites. There are only a few mixes I consider classic and that I can listen to over and over again through the years, and this is one of them.

    Don’t listen to fools that come here and simply try to bring you down and question your skills. The selection, mixing, and vibe was amazing, and I barely noticed any wrecks (and like you said, you corrected fast).

    I think anyone here that has ever thrown two vinyl platters down on the wheels of steel knows that you can’t always be perfect, especially when recording live. You just get into your groove, forget about being perfect, and just focus on enjoying the music while you’re at it. That’s all that matters, anyway.

    Thanks for making this, and for giving me a reason to bring out my collection of old school tunes and throwing a mix together myself.

    Big up from Denver,

    – Joe

  17. @ Joe.. Many many many thankx for this kind words man. Well Apreciatet i am happy that you enjoy that set. And you right man..
    I wish you also more then the best in the world.
    And who know’s maybe we see eachoter at a party someday..
    Big up..
    And once again many many thankx for this kind real words

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