Random Movement – 3 Years Anniversary Mix // Podcast #37 09/2012

info: randommovement.org

This is the 3 year anniversary mix for all of you bastards who have managed to listen to what I’ve been up to for the past decade. It’s 2 hours, yes… and I wish i could make it 6 more hours from all of the great music I have to play for you… maybe next session!

A very special thanks to all of you who have helped support me over the years. This is for you.

Excellent A++ … Mr. Mike Richards aka Random Movement rolls out the tunes and classics like there is no tomorrow. Impeccable selection!

Klute – Phone Call (Matrix Remix)
John B – Without You
Mathematics – Jersey Deep
Calibre – Things R Re-Arranging
Hatiras – Space Invaderz (J Majik Remix)
Ed Rush & Optical – Kerbcrawler
Ram Trilogy – Huggy Bear
DJ Die – Reincarnated (The Remix)
Peshay & The Quartet – Nevada
E-Z Rollers – Retro
LTJ Bukem – Music (Peshay Re-Work)
Personelle – Rebound (Nookie Remix)
Calibre – Feeling Happy
Solid State – Just a Vision (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix)
Calibre – Proof Positive
Marky & XRS – Breeze
Klute – Now, Always, Forever (Calibre Remix)
High Contrast – Return of Forever
Alix Perez – Magnolias
Random Movement – Stars in the Dark
Uncut – Midnight (Marcus Intalex Remix)
Calibre – What U Need
Klute – Part of Me
Lenny Fontana – Spread Love (Nu:Tone Remix)
Danny Byrd & Adrok – Planet Music feat. MC Fats
Blue Skin – Singapore Sling

4 thoughts on “Random Movement – 3 Years Anniversary Mix // Podcast #37 09/2012

  1. This is F A N T A S T I C. I never say this but the mix is the best I’ve heard in ages! It’s true that the memory of the classics we used to play years and years back are bringing some childhood memories of parties, listening dnb all around in the streets, forests over the hills and in the sky! So good for the young ones and also pour les connaisseurs! Thanks Random Movement for this one!

  2. wow man….this is a truly epic mix….so rad to hear all those classics…brings back some awesome memories of Studio Nine in Wellington….thanks yo!

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