Pendulum – Essential Mix 18/09/05

essential mix pendulum


The DnB trio from Australia make their BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix debut feat. lots of exclusive tracks. Recorded live from DAB radio stream.

Pendulum ‘Blood Sugar’
Pendulum ‘The Program (ft. $pyda)’
Coldcut ‘Qenist (Remix)’
Gridlok ‘Hard As Fuck’
Muffler ‘The Iron Tune’
Chase & Status ‘The Druids’
TC ft. Jakes ‘Deep’
Pendulum ‘Vault VIP’
Tactile ‘Posers’
Pendulum ‘The Terminal (Essential Mix Version)’
Gridlok ‘Fifth Dimension’
Shimon & Andy C ‘Nightflight’
Mickey Finn ‘Unknown’
Bcee & Lomax ‘Can’t Say No (Cyantific Remix)’
Billy Corgan ‘The Camera Eye’
Baron ‘At The Drive In’
Zinc & Jenna G ‘Don’t Bury’
Pendulum ‘Plasticworld (Essential Mix Version)’
Fresh & Pendulum ‘Babylon Rising’
Zinc ‘Stepping Stones (Friction Remix)’
Future Prophecies ‘Control The Beast’
Friction ‘Let Loose (TC Remix)’
Hazard ‘Use Your Brain’
State Of Mind ‘Hold Down (Remix)’
DJ Vapour ‘Jazzamatazz’
Noisia ‘Brain Stitch’
The Prodigy ‘Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)’
TC ‘Robots’
Subfocus ‘Citizen Kane’
Pendulum & Freestylers ‘Fasten Your Seatbelt (1992 Edit)’
Christian J ‘Alter Ego’
Frizz ‘Fearless Funk (Enser Noisia Edit)’
Ragga Twins ‘Ready For This’
Plump DJ’s ‘Bullet Train’
Freestylers & Pendulum ‘Painkiller’
Roughcut Flex ‘Nemesis’
Digital Nation ‘Aisle 13’
Hochi & Infiltrata ‘Hit ‘Em Hard’
Mayhem & Evol Intent ‘Broken Sword’
Chase & Status ‘Duppy Man VIP’
Shy FX ‘Feelings’
Pendulum ‘Slam (Before The Tantrum Mix)’
Pendulum ‘Slam (Essential Mix Version)’
ShockOne ‘The Riddler’
Fresh ‘The Immortal’
Pendulum ‘Girl In The Fire (Essential Mix Version)’
Sin & Muffler ‘Bad Bwoy Sound’
Ed Rush & Optical ‘Flute’
DJ Hype ‘Look To The Future (TC Remix)’
Psidream ‘Cypher’
Unknown Error ‘Struggle’
Baron ‘Decade’
Pendulum ‘Still Grey’
Tactile ‘Changing Slowly’
Pendulum ‘Hold Your Colour (Essential Mix Version)’

47 thoughts on “Pendulum – Essential Mix 18/09/05

  1. I hate hearing ‘Aisle 13’ once a year.When will it finally be released.
    By the way i feel very sorry for pendulum starting that breakbeat Rnb thing but above all thank you verymuch for all the other nice tracks.

  2. Will someone very kind please put a link up for the Pendulum mix, nothing here is working, this mix as download mp3 is must! There appears to be all the other drum & bass essential mixes on another page & still available to download, why not this one. PLEASE HELP!

  3. BLIMEY!! Rinsin tunes from the boys, they are workin very hard and fast (like their music!!) I want vault vip!!!!! AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR

  4. I’m to drunk to listen to it now, but I will give my comment tomorrow
    (later today)
    I heard it was great

  5. Despite any critics who say they don’t like the “glossy” futurisitic sound of Pendulum, calling it “cheesy DnB”; these boys have single handedly breathed life back into (what I would consider here) a dying scene today. There’s a reason why “Hold Your Colour” sold over 100,000 copies on BreakBeat Kaos (the largest grossing independent release, ever). It’s because this music is the next evolution of this genre and not another cookie cutter Dieselboy bite-off. Love these guys.

  6. WOAHHHH!!! What a super mix! Just dowdload it asap and enjoy. Pendulum, I salute you

  7. Hi Peeps..

    is the Track 15 “Billy Corgan – The Camera Eye” an offical Release of Billy Corgan or is it a Remix by Pendulum themselves? Very nice Tune.
    Nice Mix!!

  8. wouldnt call it glossy or cheesey, would call it fresh. every style of music needs changing sometimes to keep it fresh, sometimes its for the good and sometimes its for worse.

    luckily in our case its gone to a whole new level!

    best 2 hours of music you could possibly want to listen to!

  9. this is my favorite dnb set ever!! ive been listening to it for over a year now and it still rawks! big up pendulum

  10. Have the tracks “Blood Sugar” and “The Program” already been released? These tracks are so awesome. I want to have them…NOW!!! ;)

  11. you must install the megaupload toolbar to get a download-ticket. install the toolbar and then just click on the link given on this site

  12. on the hold your colour remix as it kicks in i actually started 2 cry!!!!!!! best song i have ever heard!!!!!!!!!

  13. this is dnb on its highest level. well done pendulum your set is a fucking legend. love you guys, see you live again soon. hell yeah!!!

  14. listened to this mix live when it was on radio 1…

    it remains one of my all-time favorite live sets. my face melts every time. can’t wait to see them on feb 16th

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