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Pacific – Autumn 04 Mix |
“Funk? Is it a sense of energy? A sense of depth and spacing within music? While all of these attributes can be found within funk, the definition is not complete. Funk is something that cannot be described in words, it is best described by a reaction to sound. Pacific is funk. “

01.Pacific + Noisia – On Your Mind
02.Zinc – Departure (D-Bridge RMX)
03.Kelis – Trick Me (AI RMX)
04.C4C – Life Support
05.Pacific – Brighter Than The Sun
06.SKC & Safair – Free My Soul
07.Pacific – Inferno
08.Break – Tell Me
09.Pacific – In A Rush
10.TeeBee – Liquid Light
11.Marcus Intalex – Zumbar
12.Pacific – Questions
13.Mindscape – Hideout
14.DKay + Lee – Rain
15.St Cal – Little Man
16.D Bridge & Vegas – True Romance
17.Pacific – On The Run
18.Ed Rush & Optical – Heads Will Roll
19.Calibre + Fats – Drop It Down
20.Logistics – Together
21.Pacific – Someone Else
22.Exocet – Demon Seed
23.Pacific – Want U So Bad
24.Quadra – Desperado

3 thoughts on “Pacific – Autumn 04 Mix for

  1. Why has none of Pacifics productions been released yet (over 1 year later)???? These tunes are awesome… I cant believe they havent been picked up by a label… makes me want to start my own label to get these tunes out!!!!

  2. Pacific – Brighter Than The Sun / On The Run – FINALLY coming out on UPRISING Records… 15 months later… good on concord dawn for picking up on these tracks

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