Nookie @ MOS Radio feat. Chris Inperspective 04/09/2006

Chris Inperspective

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Chris Inperspective guesting at Nookies Strictly Digital Radio Sessions for Ministry of Sound Radio. Some jumpy cd once in a while but the beats easily make up for it! Watch out for Inperspective Records.
Thanks to David Loop for the link and hosting.

No Tracklist.

25 thoughts on “Nookie @ MOS Radio feat. Chris Inperspective 04/09/2006

  1. recognized only desires remix tracklist needed here. not feeling 2 or 3 dark ortodox drumfunk tracks mixed by chris

  2. The Logistics remix of Blue Sonix is nothing like the original version at all. Maybe you heard the remix on Tony Colmans Podcast, where he said it was the remix but then played the original. I got a few comments after that about how it sounded the same!

  3. Nice one. Especially the begining. At the end of mix it loses quality i think. But what the hell, somewhere in it there is CD-Player trouble going on or what??? And little bit too much jingles.

  4. Ok, the skipping CD thing really REALLY puts a downer on this for me but some of the tunes are deep as man.

    No-one tends to reply to posts on this thing but can someone tell me what the tune is from around 12 to 16 mins is? I gotta get that

  5. Map Cap…

    Look for releases on Renegade, Inperspective, Jerona…

    Hear the Jerona cru & Chris Inperspective on radio

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