Noisemonkey – Mix May 2005


Hailing from Exeter UK, Noisemonkey’s been DJing for about 5 years and loves “..a bit of the more drummy end of the jungle as it’s way more fun to mix and dance to”. He’s played alongside big names like High Contrast, Bad Company, Technical Itch.. and runs a monthly night at the Cavern Club with his crew Sypha, Durstan, Fry, Shroom and Distort.


Althia & Donna – Up Town Ranking (drum and bass mix)
Calibre- Can’t Stop This Fire
Senses- Darker Self
Alias- Long Time
Cartridge & John Rolodex- Light Cycles 2 copy extended mix
Actual Proof- Maybe We’ll Stay (Fanu remix)
Outrage- Critical Mass
Seba- Shapeshifter
Alpha Omega- Know How (tease)
Future Troubles- Can’t Smoke The Weed In Peace (U-Ome remix)
Seba & Paradox- No It’s Not A Dream
Klute- Saviour
Spirit- Siren
Influx UK- Special Black
Bananas Kru- Punjabi Love
Equinox- Phantoms (tease)
Stranjah- Red Lantern
Fracture & Neptune- Worm Science (tease)
Belladonnakillz- Damn Domestik Dispute
Seba & Paradox- Move On
Influx UK- Ghost People VIP
Whitney Houston- My Dub Is Your Dub (Illfingas Remix)
Equinox- Phantoms
Alpha Omega- Steppa Dub VIP
Tester- Anytme
Cyantific- Little Green Man
Alpha Omega- Tribalist
B Key- The Test
Equinox- Acid Rain (Breakage remix) 2 copy mash up
Shitmat- Amen Babylon

6 thoughts on “Noisemonkey – Mix May 2005

  1. diggin this mix… way to get me through the work day. i think the mixing is pretty solid. tracks are massive

  2. not listened to it yet, but can’t believe this is here. Noisemonkey ! He’s cut his hair ! I’m from plymouth & i knew Noisemonkey a few years back from Legends at the Dance Acadamy – his crews night is/was called Step Out Of Time & was inspired by my madass dancin/stompin at the back of the acadamy ! Holy shit man, i gotta get back in touch with them (must sort it out). Greeting y’all!!

    (Adam F, L-Double, Simon Bassline Smith, Blame, & Residents @ the Dance Acadamy fri27th!)

  3. woah dude… those Legends nights were wicked… hey dude you are the original Step Out Of Time man… Sweet. Should be playing down at Dance Academy soon, see you down the front :-D

  4. down the front ?? i’ll be at the back my friend, where the stomping room is to be found !

    when you playing – let me know at… smellsofoldwank aaaaattttt coolgoose dddooottt com

    you not been down to Element since the demise of Legends ? same atmosphere, same venue (obviously), same shit really, but better – hosted by Quest, Jynx, Trex etc – come next month, bout time we saw the old crew from exeter down here

    anyways, how is the exeter scene & particularly your night going ? all good ? – let me know when anythings goin down (any free parties – i wanna go dancin in some fields man !!)



    (oh, & i’ve listened to yer mix now – nice, varied, etc – i like – got any more?)

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