17 thoughts on “Mathematics @ Social Studies, Switzerland (2nd April 2005)

  1. even them guys don’t look as if they know the tracklist! what a load of crap!!! everyone yhinks they can play dnb nowadays! don’t d/l it’s a waste of time!


  3. i agree…. theres a lot of wack ,lazy, d n b out but i quite liike 1…. fuck all jungle haters seen

  4. Is Mathematics just two people now? I know it used to be Roy Dank, Blueline and another person (forget who) and that Roy Dank and Blueline were the only ones that DJ’d, if I remember correct. So is the picture of just Roy Dank and the other person (not Blueline)?

    Sick mixes by the way, a tracklist would be interesting to see.

  5. thanks for blogging the mix first! maths are just two people nowadays as roy left mathemtics unfortunately. he’s djing more electronica stuff in nyc these days. the other guy on the pic is mike though, but he’s “just” producing.

    unfortunately there isn’t a tracklist available, but the mixes are wicked anyway. what a strange guy sap has to be…

  6. let me get this straight sap is talking ish about mathematics, the guys who production gets rotated by all dnb big wigs I don’t get it and whats wrong with the way they look?

  7. Thanks for the info mute.ch. It’s been a while since I heard anything from them and it’s nice to hear their sound is even better now. Good stuff!

    BTW, I have an old mix from Blueline I might be able to mirror if anyone is interested. I believe it’s from around 2000/2001.

  8. Sap, quit hatin’. Mathematics is some of the illest drum and bass around right now. Saying they are a load of crap shows how little you know about the genre. Wake up man. Word up to the Future Collective and props to my boy COEXIST!

  9. im still thinking that the productions are pretty good. check the new social studies… SOSTUD004 … i think it´s really good.. even do i like hard stuff, or tight tech step..
    drumm n bass is a huge world where u can find almost everything… maybe something u dont like, but that doesnt mean that they are crap… high production levels and nice vibes cant be crap… unless u like to eat 8 pils at home just to relax a bit.

  10. @Serum: blah-blah-blah… if they’re so good u listen to them…i’ll pass!

  11. Here is what I came up with for a tracklist.

    1. Calibre – The Water Carrier
    2. ??? – ???
    3. D Kay & Mat – Undercovered Funk
    4. Roni Size – I Want Your Body (Calibre Remix)
    5. Mathematics – Jazz
    6. ??? – ???
    7. ??? – ???
    8. Calibre – Drop It Down
    9. RAF & Ill Logic – Forever
    10. ??? – ??? (I know this one, just can’t think of the name right now)
    11. Cyantific – Reincarnation Dub
    12. ??? – ???
    13. High Contrast vs Calibre – Mr. Majestik
    14. Juju – Burning

    See if anyone can fill in the blanks.

  12. track 6 is mathematics dirtdevil – heavy tune iv been rinsin the flip is equally satisfying

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