51 thoughts on “LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad @ Detonate 1xtra 01/05/2005

  1. I have the whole 1Xtra broadcast of the Detonate night (including London Elektricity and Andy C) but it’s an MP2 file (default DAB format). I am going to re-encode it as a 192kbps MP3 so I can listen to it in my car. Which file do ya’ll (sorry, I lived in Georgia for a few years) prefer? The 160kbps MP2 or a 192kbps re-encode MP3? I can upload one or the other as a mirror very shortly based upon everyones response.

  2. Here ya go …


    It’s not just LTJ Bukem as you can see from the filename. Maye this should get a new thread. We’ll see what Tim says/does.

  3. I guess I have some spelling errors, especially London EleKtricity. So check this link instead (since I renamed the file) …


    Don’t drink and post! 8^)

  4. Do I have the date right? This thread says 5/1 but the file I have originally said 5/14.

  5. Woah! I just looked at my stats and I have pushed over 1TB with my previous DnB Mix mirrors! My brother hasn’t complained yet so hopefully this set will stay up for a little bit. Try not to cross post this too much so I don’t piss him off too soon.

  6. watch out jesper, i have seen your link hotlinked all around the forums… you will get some MAD traffic m8.

  7. We’ll see tonight after midnight EST when my stats are updated. I’ll keep breaksblog updated if I rename and/or split the files.

  8. just currious….is that 01/05/2005 AMERICAN style (january 1st..) or UK style (may 5th..)?

  9. 136GB in about 36 hours! So now there is a new URL for my mirror …


    … plus now I have the correct date (American style).

  10. These are the ones i could ID: pls fill in blanks =)

    1. ???? PLS id this someone! 0:00
    2. Makoto – Eastern Dub pt 2 (GLO dub) 6:10
    3. ??? 12:15
    4. ???? 17:08
    5. Triple Soul – Jazz Lick (Forthcoming Liquid V LP EP ???) 21:10
    6. D Bridge vs Artificial Intelligence – Better Days (Forthcoming Liquid V LP EP???) 26:35
    7. Rohan & Zero Tolerance – User Deadly (Bassbin) 31:50
    8. Kubiks and Lomax – Trading Places (Dub) 35:20
    9. ???? 39:50
    10. Zinc and Jenna G – Don’t Baby me (Bingo Beats Dub, Forthcoming Jenna G album) 44:55
    11 ??? 50:25 REWOUND

  11. The first tune uses a vocal sample from “Find a way” by Tribe Called Quest (which no doubt is another vocal sample)

    Eastern Dub Pt II uses these melodic licks from “Doin it” by LL Cool J.

  12. i love this shit sooooooo……………..

  13. Yo! Listening to LTJ Bukem brings back a nostalgic memory when jungle first started to hit the seen back in the early 1990’s. I use to listen to Dj’s such as “Dj Randall”, “Dj Pilgrim,” ” Dr. S.Gachet,” and Dj Grooverider. Oh! and don’t forget about the famous “Dj Clarky” and his unforgetable number one record of all times,”Dreamscape.”
    Jungle isn’t what it use to be. Today there are alot of Dj’s that play jungle beats. However, its just the same old drum and bass with minumum hard core mixing and poor transitions. Moreover, I think that jungle beats today are to fast. I remember when jungle beats were 140 bpm (beats-per-minute). Today they range from 140 bpm to 180 bpm. That’s way to fast. Beats that fast spoils the entire track and sounds like shit. Word of advice to all of those inspiring junglists Dj’s. Please stick to 140 bpm , include hardcore mixing, transitions, and originality.

  14. man stfu. no dnb gets pressed at around 140bpm anymore so get with the times. If i was to pitch down my mixes they would sounds like shit and hell, i know i at least wouldnt enjoy them as much. I like dancing to dnb, which is why its called dance music, and i prefer it pitched far higher than 140.

  15. AndyC Tracklist
    1. Pendulum – Slam VIP
    >>>Adam Freeland – We Want Your Soul (Ed Rush n Optical Rmx)
    2. Calyx – Are Your Ready (Hive n Gridlok Rmx)**
    3. Ed Rush n Optical – Bacteria (Pendulum Rmx)
    4. Fresh n Mampi – Play Me (Blame Rmx)**
    5. Moving Fusion n Fierce – Now’s The Time
    6. Sparfunk – Blazing Jazz
    >>>Fresh – All that Jazz
    7. ??? – ???
    8. Subfocus – Citizen Kane???
    9. Clipz – Hold Tight**
    >>>Ram Trilogy – Titan
    10. Fresh – Funk Academy
    11. Pendulum – Girls in the Fire
    12. Leviticus – The Burial (Logistics Rmx)**
    >>>Shimon – Hush Hush
    13. Moving Fusion n Shimon – Mysterons (Baron Rmx)
    14. Subfocus – Xray
    >>>Total Science – Squash… mysterons had to be on cd cause fuck this mix was way to fast
    15. ???-???
    16. LTJ Bukem – Atlantis (I Need You)
    17. Mist – Outtaspace
    18. Logistics – Together VIP**
    >>> Capone – Friday
    19. Q project – Ask Not VIP???
    20. Sparfunk n Ed Solo – Rapture
    >>> Omni Trio – Renegade Snares
    21. Moving Fusion n Nightbreed – Arachnophobia
    >>>Pendulum – Another Planet
    >>>Drumsound n Bassline Smith – Odyssey
    22. Pendulum – Tarantula (Andy C VIP) **
    >>>Dillinja – In The Grind VIP
    >>> )BIE( -The 9

    London Electricity Tracklist:
    1. Hanging Rock
    2. Billion dollar gravy
    3. Strangest Secret
    4. Cum Dancing
    5. Watching U watching me
    6. Power Ballad
    7. Different Drum
    8. Spread Love
    9. Remember the Future (!!)
    10. The Great Drum & Bass Swindle1. Hanging Rock

  16. first track in Bukem mix:

    01) Towa Tei – Technova (Makoto remix)

  17. yeh what the name of the track jsut before the last one on bukems set

    any one know got those vocals in it

  18. taliban ali:

    second to the last track on bukem mix:

    10. Zinc & Jenna G – don’t baby me

  19. They make some awesome stuff Basic Operations. Has their track Vintage Electric been released anywhere in any format yet?

  20. 1. Towa Tei – Technova (Makoto Rmx) 0:00
    2. Makoto – Eastern Dub pt 2 (GLO dub) 6:10
    3. CLS & Wax – Double Bubble 12:15
    4. Towa Tei – Technoca (Makoto Remix) 17:08
    5. Triple Soul – Jazz Lick (Forthcoming Liquid V LP EP ???) 21:10
    6. D Bridge vs Artificial Intelligence – Better Days (Forthcoming Liquid V LP EP???) 26:35
    7. Rohan & Zero Tolerance – User Deadly (Bassbin) 31:50
    8. Kubiks and Lomax – Trading Places (Dub) 35:20
    9. 39:50
    10. Zinc and Jenna G – Don’t Bury Me (Bingo Beats Dub, Forthcoming Jenna G album) 44:55
    11 Furney – Drum Tools 50:25

  21. Number 9 is probably some Good Looking release from Furney or Bukem himself. I really like that tune too.

  22. Still dunno wtf that Track 9 is.

    Just found this site again haha. Going through some of my old bukem mixes and having a listen.

    That unknown track 9 is still as good today as it was 3 years ago when I heard it!

  23. For a better quality rip of basically this same exact set check out Bukem live at Raveology 2005

  24. Yo has anyone found out the name of track 9 in Bukem’s mix! Someone must know by now its driving me crazy!

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