Krust @ L Double Connexions 1xtra – 13/06/2006

Krust 1xtra

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“Tonight DJ Krust passes through to talk about his new album ‘New Humans’ on Full Cycle, how to find the hidden knowledge out on road, & his favourite John Woo movies. Plus, he tears it out neatly on the 1Xtra turntables for the last half an hour!”

I think 1xtra got it wrong, the name of the Album should be “Hidden Knowledge”, “New Humans” is the title of the last track of the CD Version …

Concord Dawn – Chloroform (Dub)
Krust – Jazz Note (Full Cycle)

**Krust In The Studio**
Krust – Mystery School (Full Cycle)
Krust – Consciousness (Full Cycle)
Krust – New Humans (Full Cycle)
Krust – Warhead (Full Cycle)
Krust – How To Mutate (Full Cycle)

**Krust In The Mix**
Krust – Initiation (Full Cycle)
Heist – Back To The Good Old Days (Dub)
Clipz – Climate Change (Dub)
Ruffage Crew – Fear Of Heaven (Dub)
Roni Size – Kiss The Bass (Full Cycle)
Heist – Nature Of The Sith (Dub)
Clipz – Push & Pull (Dub)

34 thoughts on “Krust @ L Double Connexions 1xtra – 13/06/2006

  1. Good to see he is back with some deeper tunes as he went off the boil for a while there ..I really dig his 1st lp, old fcy and v bizness…. aint nuttin like a good old krust bass line :-))

  2. the good ol’ krust is back. looks like the full album is just coming out on cd, where cd1 features 9 new tracks and cd2 some old ones. 4 track ep on vinyl featuring “follow da vision (dj zinc rmx)” will be released soon.

  3. Downloaded the Krust LP.. its absolutely appalling

    Weak ass electronic beats with crap noises and pretentious ramblings over some of them… sounds like real amateur stuff man.

    shit… deleted from Harddrive

  4. lol @ kraak :DD

    nice to see that krust is doing tunes like he used to.. dark & deep
    i almost lost my faith in him :)

  5. how ’bout posting the occansional L Double set as well…

    sat night flex, labello blanco…. yummy….

    roll on sirs.


  6. @Kraal. I can understand that u hate Krust’s music……. tis abstract and not appealing to everyone. Krust has been part of the scene since the beginning, he has pushed the sounds to the next level and he has even been a huge influence even for many of todays top producers.

    I suggest u listen to: soul in motion, katskan, cold war, jazz note, maintain, freak show or even 21st century and maybe you will understand where he is coming from…….

    when you cant see the angles ur in trouble…………………………

  7. @ Rollo

    krust – katskan !!

    krust – 21st century !!

    and don’t forget true stories – deeeeeeeep !!!

  8. don’t talk to me about the angles, i make the fucking angles.

    i listened to all those old krust tunes and they’re all shit. you should listen to a certain album called hold your colour by pendulum for some real dnb.

    i’m a shadow.

  9. pendulum first release was 2003
    krust first release was 1993

    there is a 10 years difference eh! and kraal – the guys behind pendulum productions are a rockband.

    hope you were taking the piss with your last comment.

  10. Just checked here and seen some wanker used my name to say
    ‘ listened to all those old krust tunes and they’re all shit. you should listen to a certain album called hold your colour by pendulum for some real dnb’

    Get your own name Prick.. I dont care what people on here think of what I say, but at least it’s MY opinion. Pisses me off when people post comments using another users name.. whats the point?

    Anyway Pendulum are pretty good, yes, but to say its real dnb is bullshit.. Its excellent party music and the production is top notch but everything is real in dnb.

  11. Despite all the arguements being waged ‘back and forth.’ I found Krust new album quite intresting, but not really my “cup of tea” if you put it lightly. I did like some of his “Abstractive” motions and vibrations with a few good breakbeat hooks. The is is where the “Abstractive Train” stops. Where he lost me was with those DAMM 80’s cheesy sythesiszed sounds. I mean “C’mon for the lords sake!!!!” If you are moving foward with the sound and depth…………..DON’T GO BACK AND TRY TO REMIX A CHEESY OLD ASS CLUB BANGER!!!

    Leave it be………and think of other creative ways besides trying to “Upgrade The Sound!!!”

    All I can say about Krust. I is that the man is a very “intelletual individual.” He had more Knowledge in his Mind than in his music. I think Krust should and would be better off a “Scholar” than a music. He seems to have the understand of such “Complexive issues.” As intresting as it might sound I “wasn’t listening” to his music. More so I was listening on what he had to say on his mind. Which gave me some good information, since I myself like to search and seek out things of that nature.

    You know………….the Mystery School and shit. :-)

    Anyway…….MAJOR BIG UPS TO KRUST……..(Not for your music, but for the UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE YOU KICKED OUT THAT NIGHT)

    Its truly a wonderful thing when you find usefull information from other people!!!!


  12. WHAT…. A …. LOAD …. OF……. SHIT
    what thje fuck are we supposed to make of that gibberish then R2K+CMD?

    You are a fool, you cant spell and you dont know what you are talking about
    “Complexive issues” indeed… christ.. if you had more than half a braincell you would be dangerous.

    “More so I was listening on what he had to say on his mind. Which gave me some good information, since I myself like to search and seek out things of that nature.”

    Mate if you need to take advice from a drum & bass producer (and not a very good one at that) then I would serious seek help.. maybe read a book? or see a psychiatrist. Or just stop being such a lame arsed crack head wanker.

  13. Krust can really talk some cod-philosophical shite can’t he. He probably has threesomes with roni size and die and then has a spliff and talks about metaphysics with them whilst listening to their back catalogue.

  14. with all due respect, soul in motion being the track of the century and all, was anybody out there NOT disappointed with “coded language”? if his recent stuff sounds like that… oh boy. seriously, he sure is an “abstract producer”, but so is rohan, as used to be peshay, photek, j majik. their landmark tunes rock ass, coded language doesnt, it’s a plain bore. respect to the man for being round since 93, but does that by itself make his tunes legendary? havent heard the new lp yet though. maybe he’s come around.
    + by the way, cmon. whats the big deal about spelling mistakes? having fun putting people down, hmmm? this is a website visited by an international audience, and surely not everybody on this blog has an oxford education. peace!

  15. i was not dissapointed with coded languge. however, i’ve not listened to it at the time of its release but a few years later…

  16. The LP is fuckin shite… absolute wank.. I was disgusted when I listened to it.. Pretentious, dull, minimalistic bollocks.. It sounds messy and its badly produced.
    Fuck Krust, Fuck Roni Size, and Fuck Full Cycle.. But ESPECIALLY.. FUCK all these cunts who keep sucking the balls of these wankers just because they’ve been around since year zero… Who gives a shit? If their stuff is bollocks then fuck em. Sick of people clinging on to this idea of their D&B heroes unable to do any wrong.

    Krust is a cunt

  17. just listened to the album. lame mp3 rip, but i still like it! quite diverse. nice stuff.

  18. Yeah it was a rip… so what… It was 320kbps so it was good quality, well apart from the actual music which was pathetic.. listened to once… deleted once.

  19. Pendulum had an earlier release… 3 Knocks.. and and least 1 more before that. Hold your color… some of their unreleased singles are better.

  20. may not like Krust’s music but don’t call the man a cunt…he’s not ….you don’t know him so dont judge…you show yourself to be an asshole with your attitude…Pendulum are the real D&B?…..plainly bollocks.

  21. Krust ios awesome, i liekd the few pieces from FC, and i liked toi Coded album almost.. it was awesom, niece tune, deeps and stuff.
    Saying bout him, taht he’s a cunt is absolutely bullshit..
    i can’t understant, thaty someone can judge him and saying that.i am listening to drum for past 10 years, from goldie with terminator and timeless to pendulum and john be, fabio and the otehr guys.. all forms of dnb are godd, some are hard, some are little atmospheric.. but all of them are part of my music life..

  22. owh boy! it´s hot in here…anyway, i´ve two favorite labels and they´re RAM RECORDS and…FULL CYCLE!!! Yeah, FULL CYCLE! Of course not evry track produced by someone has to be loved, and that´s the case with Krust…he´s certainly one of my main inspiration sources, though i´ve had difficulties to like “FOLLOW DA VISION” more than with “BREAK YA NECK”, built both tunes around the very same bassline…by the by, “CODED LANGUAGE” was good (even if not listenable for evryone), but i think “HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE” is a good example of a follow-up better than the predecessor…and for the cunt who called him a cunt, go wash your stinking cunt and leave the man alone, if you can´t take his sound go listen to some Britney Spears…biaaaatchhhh!!!!

  23. [Comment ID #62360 Quote]

    This is why i stopped listening to dnb. new forms (krust remix) is one of the best bits of drum and bass i’ve ever heard. Pendulum is soulless geeks wanking over expensive softsynths.

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