Fabio – Live on Radio1 05/08/2006

Fabio radio 1

host: megaupload.com, uploadsolution.com | info: bbc.co.uk/fabioandgroove

One week old Fabio Show on Radio1 including a 14 Tracks Mix by himself. Trust me this show one has some TUNES. Rehosts would be wicked.

Fat Freddy’s Drop ‘A.I. remix’ (White)
Alix Perez ‘ Crown City ‘ (White)
Survival ‘Friendly Fire (White)
Basic Operations ‘Last Thought’ (White)

Vinyl Killers
10) Calibre – Corner dance – Signture
9) Various Artists – Street technique part 2 – Technique
8) Swabe & Lean – Camouflage – Dope Dragon
7) Tommy Boy & Distorted – Love & happiness – V Recordings
6) Dillinja – 96 Thing – Valve Recordings
5) Visionary – Gimme Your Love – Digital Soundboy
4) Dr Octagon – Aliens (Subfocus Remix) – Casual
3) G Dub – Les Miserable EP – Ganja
2) Subfocus – Airplane – Ram records
1) Die & Clipz feat Ben Westbeech – Number 1 – Full Cycle

Goldie ‘Monkey Boy’ (Metalheadz)
Alix Perez ‘Last Words’ (White)
Beta 2 ‘H&C’ (White)

Fabio In The Mix
Red Eyes ‘One Night Affair’ (White)
Calibre ‘Luminous’ (Solar)
Alix Perez & Fats ‘Unknown’ (White)
Basic Operations ‘Drifting On memory’ (Liquid V)
Icicle ‘Strangest Feeling’ (White)
Marky & mokoto ‘ Secret Place ‘ (Innerground)
Calibre ‘Take It Back’ (Solar)
Ghostface Killa Back like Dat (Marky & Bungle Remix) (White)
OT Mos Def Booty (White)
Heist ‘Semiskimmed’ (White)
Fellowship ‘Free Girl’ (White)
Commix ‘MFSB’ (White)
Goldie ‘Special Request’ (Metalheadz)
Calibre ‘Peace Of Mind’ (White)

22 thoughts on “Fabio – Live on Radio1 05/08/2006

  1. does anyone have a mix with brief encounter and angel falls by hc and fabio and gr respectively?


    also how come you cannot download the older mixes?

  2. great tracklist !!! respect Fabio )

    Please, rehost somebody !!!
    cannot download from megaupload =( feel sucks

    All download slots (300) assigned to your country (Russian Federation) are in use, blah blah blah =((((

    thnx anyway

  3. said it a million times already but i really mean it: in the next life i wanna come back as fabio’s mixing desk

  4. ahhh how could you turn such a benign thought into a shexual allusion… no wonder Calibre put your photo on the cover of Dirty Mind!

  5. mirror don’t workin’ !!! =((
    Please, rehost it somebody !! i’very like this wicked mix! ~

  6. Um… does anyone else get really really giddy when they hear smooth liquid mixes? Yummy…

  7. The mix in the second part of the show is one of the best “liquid” mixes I’ve heard since… forever! The flow, the timing, the rides, the SELECTION.

    I’d also like to add that this is THE pick between 50-something Fabs & Groove show recordings from 2005 till present

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