Fabio feat. Cleveland Watkiss – Live from Cargo London – 27/04/2003

Fabio Cleveland Watkiss

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry X-Mas everyone!
Hope you all had a good one …
As a little Christmas-Goodie ive been digging on my harddrive and gonna be hosting one of my favourite recordings for you. Any rehosts appreciated tho! :)

44 thoughts on “Fabio feat. Cleveland Watkiss – Live from Cargo London – 27/04/2003

  1. Happy Vibes for this selecta’ and good sounds….big up Fabio and the mc, good one…….
    It seems the girls in the public love it LOL

  2. i’ll provide a tracklist later on. I loved this set when it was recorded a couple of years ago. I’d have to go through set and write down the tracks. Can’t do that right now, sorry

  3. 1. marky n xrs- forgot name of tune
    2. total science- expand
    3. d kay n epsilon- barcelona
    4. Calibre- got to have you
    5. Jaheim- Put that woman first (Calibre rmx)
    6. marky n xrs- rotation
    7. Danny C- Ace Face
    8. unknown
    9. raf n ill logic- Could it be
    10. high contrast- basement track
    11. artificial intelligence- won’t give up
    12. unknown brazilian tune
    13. So Nice- Marky n Xrs remix
    14. A Sides feat. Mc Fats- What u Don’t know

  4. i am in love with this mix!!!!

    i am studying for exams and i listen to this mix at least 3 times at day

    smooth, sexy lovelyyyyyyyy d&b

  5. Incredible… I wish Cleveland would of toned it down a bit though… other than that the mix is pure hotness. Thanks.

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