Fabio @ BBC Radio1 21/01/2006


host: davidloop.com

Last Saturdays Fabio Show on Radio1. Many thanks to david loop for hosting.

Mokoto ‘Playout’ (White)
Craggz & Parallel Forces ‘Dusk’ (White)
Martyn ‘ I Wonder Why’ (White)
Illogic & Raff ‘Let me have it (White)

Vinyl Killers
10) Dirty Harry ‘Hedz Must Roll’ (R Sound)
9) Drumsound & Bassline Smith’ Killa DJ’ (Breakbeat Kaos)
8) Roni Size ‘Bite The Bullet’ (Full Cycle)
7) D Kay ‘Serenade’ (Brigand)
6) Twisted Individual – Programmed At Birth (Transition)
5) Mask ‘Square Off (Roni Size RMX)’ (Dope Dragon)
4) Distorted Minds ‘Searching/Impulse’ (D Style)
3) Potential Bad Boy ‘Girlz’ (Ganja)
2) Various Artists ‘The Dimensions EP’ (Ram)
1) Shy FX ‘Everyday’ (Digital Soundboy)

Logistics ‘Bounce’ (White)
Seba & Krazy ‘Nebula’ (White)
Marky & Bungle ‘Immortality’ (White)
Utah Jazz ‘Feeding Inside’ (liquid V)
Illogic & Raff ‘Inside Out’ (White)

Fabio In The Mix
Goldie ‘Inner City Life’ (Bootleg) (White)
Deep Inc ‘Subway’ (White)
Sonic ‘Freedom Dub’ (White)
Tayla & Furney ‘Reflective’ (White)
Unknown ‘Wide Eyes (White)
Jonny L ‘Voices’ (White)
Rambo ‘Methods Of Thoughts’ (White)

37 thoughts on “Fabio @ BBC Radio1 21/01/2006

  1. Inner City Life Bootleg!!! Fookin badass… ;) The Johnny L bit ain’t 2 shabby either!

  2. lovin Johnny L “Voices”!!! Also the misical tune which is played but ain’t listed for whatever reason

  3. Isn’t it surprising how much tighter Makoto has gotten now that his servitude at GLR is coming to an end… Big up Makoto!

    Can ANYONE ID the last tune on the Radio 1 Show with Goldie from November 19th?!?!? I know it’s old but I’m dying to know who did this one..

    thanks in advance

  4. thanks! that tune is nasty.. best work I’ve heard from them IMO. cheers

    oh, and that Seba tune is the beez neez as is the Sonic joint. propa bizness..

  5. Yes the Sonic bit is also very heavy duty indeed, similar 2 a bit silver did on Random Records – Jamaican Indian E.P… Worth a check if u don’t know/own it, especially if u like the sonic ting :)

  6. I do like some of Sonic’s work. Particularly the more epic stuff but even that can be overdone. What is the tune after Logistics and before the Seba tune? Whatever it is it’s deeeeeep.. very atmospheric sounding..

  7. Inner City Life bootleg is fierce(WOW). Actually , the tune brings back great memories. It was the first DNB tune I ever heard. I’ve been hooked ever since :-)

  8. Respect to the Makoto!

    He played this as his opener to his set in Atmosphere @ The Medicine Bar in May and mid set at Fabios night Swerve in October.

    Can’t wait to see some released material from him.

  9. good show. the craggz & parallel forces track sounds more like roni size & dj die “music box 2006” :P

    interesting to hear makoto is leaving GLR. bout time.

  10. this makoto tune is awesome!

    nice show, but i still don’t get it why fabio and also groove always have to kill the music when they are talking…

  11. its allllllllllllllllllllllllll about the
    Deep Inc ‘Subway’ (White)
    and the tune before jonny L tune, Wide eyes??

    wowowowowow incredible tunes :)

  12. inner city life rmx just plain slams it

    any info who did it? the beat is a bit monotonous so I’m guessing its a “newcomer” but nevertheless i find it simply fantastic

  13. Inner City Life bootleg is by a newcomer from France with releases forthcoming on Bingo and Creative Source among other labels ;)

  14. I changed my mind, dont like the inner city life rmx no more
    sometimes my opinions on the producers influence how i feel about their tracks

  15. @lekke… u dont like Red Eyes tunes?

    Personally i think this guy is on the best producers I have heard since Calibre. Refreshing :-)))

  16. its an internal joke about the goldie rmx, because we know redeyes is a breaksblog addict and reads ;)

    im just listening to his latest mix, watch out for it on these pages SOON !

  17. Feeling the redeyes mix & a few of his productions, but I would’nt say he’s calibre’esque!!! Bold statement… :) Still… Would give a testicle 4 that Inner City Life boot on vinyl tho…

  18. nah, don’t like that johnny l

    sounds not very different and particular compared to the other mr l releases

  19. but… check
    Fabio In The Mix (minutes):
    Goldie ‘Inner City Life’ (Bootleg) (White) (71)
    Deep Inc ‘Subway’ (White) (79)
    Sonic ‘Freedom Dub’ (White) (83)
    Tayla & Furney ‘Reflective’ (White) (87)
    Unknown ‘Wide Eyes (White) (91)
    ? (95)
    ? (100)
    Jonny L ‘Voices’ (White) (104)
    Rambo ‘Methods Of Thoughts’ (White) (107)
    ? (113)

    Am I wrong?

  20. CHECK this: the Illogic & Raff ‘Inside Out’ is played “the republic” METPLA005 from the same plate by lllogic. Wicked tune!!!!!
    Am i wrong??

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