Fabio alongside Mc Fats @ Playaz Night 31/03/06

host: realplayaz.co.uk

Fabio alongside Singing Fats. Too bad its just a shabby 64kbps file, decided to post it anyways because this is a dreamcombo for sure.

Total Science feat MC Conrad – Soul Patrol- CIA dub
Random Movement- Stars in The Dark- Bassbin
AI – Desperado- V Recordings
Marky & Xrs- Rotation (TC1 & Stress Level remix)- Innerground dub
D Bridge – True Romance VIP- Metalheadz Platinum dub
Breakage & Rohan- Ruff Dub- Bassbin*
Chase and Status – Loves Theme- Bingo
???? -????-????
Johnny L – Piper (Clone Remix)- dub
Jenna G feat Chase, Status and Switch – In Love- Bingo
Broke’n’English- Trying (Calibre remix)- dub
Badmarsh and Shri– Signs (Calibre Remix)- Outcasted
Hazard – Murder Tonight- Ganja dub
Logistics – Together- Hospital
Commix- Perfect Blue- Shogun Audio dub
????- ????- ????
????- ????- ????
Calibre- Hypnotise- Soul:r
????- ????- ????
Q Project- ????- ????
????- ????- ???? (id please!!)
Friction & K Tee- Overtime- Renegade Hardware
Logistics- 2 Steps Back- Hospital dub
Q project- Behind Closed Doors- Hospital

15 thoughts on “Fabio alongside Mc Fats @ Playaz Night 31/03/06

  1. D-Bridge – Last Straw – Exit
    Calibre- Hypnotise- Soul:r

    After the Q-project tune: big tune!!!!

  2. … the track before friction & ktee is certainly blame – but never heard it before, so no track title from my side… and no clues as to the track after q project …

  3. I was at this night. It was my first time at fabric. I’m glad I have an audio snapshot of it now with this mix. It was all about “Ruff Dub” on the bass on fabric’s sound system. Ruff dub is like a 2006 version of “Warhead” dubbed out with slammin breaks. Lovin it atm. ;)

  4. track after unknown q-projet tune is spirit – shk
    the one after that (before friction & ktee) is blame – congress
    both not released yet

  5. its a fenomenal set
    fabio is number one and mc fats is good very good.


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