Edward Oberon – BBS Bookings Podcast #14 2008

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info: myspace.com/edwardoberon

As the writer/producer behind Horizons Music’s Saburuko, his former material has been released on Future Thinkin’, Crisis, Progress, Sonorous and Horizons newer label Inside-as well as featured and supported by Radio1 & 1xtra, DNBA, DOA and a personal favourite, Bassdrive. […] BBS Bookings presents the 1 year anniversary edition of our podcast series featuring Edward Oberon.

Exceptional mix, exceptional styles. Get on this!

01. Mutt – GED (Audio Decay)
02. Sinistarr – Nixed (Influence)
03. Edward Oberon – Fatal Hour (Soundtrax Dub)
04. Escher – Slice (Dub)
05. Naibu – Rita (??)
06. Carl Matthes & Tyler Straub – (Break the Surface)
07. Edward Oberon – Mr. Smith (Dub)
08. Brother – Make a life (Influence)
09. Tyler Straub – The Road (Dub)
10. Edward Oberon – La Vacca (Influence)
11. Bal – Eight and a Half (Influence)
12. Sinistarr – Full Extent (Influence)
13. E & E – Switch (Dub)
14. Edward Oberon – Kid Rio (DOA)
15. Loxy & Gremlinz – Silver Steez (Cylon)
16. Edward Oberon – White Scarf (Cylon)
17. Morphy – Turn the Tablas (Dub)
18. Motive Within – All that Remains (Red Mist)
19. Stunna & Tyler Straub – Passed Tomorrows (Dub)
20. Squash & Brother – Brain Train (Influence)
21. Edward Oberon – Watch the Nine (Dub)

26 thoughts on “Edward Oberon – BBS Bookings Podcast #14 2008

  1. Looks Good, on the Download…

    But what’s with Edward Oberon’s “Crawl” with the Radiohead Sample? Is there a Release Date or some other Info about it?

  2. I’ve been listening to this on and off this morning and the parts I’ve heard are *insane*. Nice one…

  3. wicked mix. whats that saburuko & brother tune … in control? That would have slid in a treat. When’s that out, anyone know – I’m loving it. Good work!

  4. This is just awesome…i love all kinds of dnb and this is just perfect….soulful and puchy at the same time…well done chaps!. the track at 50 mins has great compression on it! awesome.

  5. been liking this mix recently. Whats the tune at 22-24 mins in? Jazzy number with some nice bells etc… sounds like Christmas! Love it

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