DJ Wilsh – Synthesis Residents Mix – Part V 08/2008



Having started on the 7th July, each week leading up to the Synthesis night @ Rhythm Factory we have been posting a set from one of the residents for your listening pleasure, this week Uncertified Pisshead and long time moaning old git, DJ WILSH

Wilsh himself about this one:

Wilsh – A mix of old and new, choppy and rolling. Timeless music in my eyes, not just the latest and greatest. Given the mix a live feel, so it’s not clinically planned, just mixed as I always mix. Enjoy!

Photek – The Physikal {Photek Records}
Aquarius – Drift to the Centre {Looking Good Records}
DJ Trace – Final Chapta ( Remix) {Deejay Recordings}
Matrix – Convoy {Prototype}
Goldie feat KRS One – Digital (Boymerang Remix) {Metalheadz}
Ed Rush & Optical – Function {V Recordings}
Ed Rush – Killimanjaro {Prototype}
Photek – The Rain {Razors Edge}
Blu Mar Ten – Futureproof {Good Looking Records}
Sufi – The River (Boymerang VIP Remix) {Regal}
Klute – Song Seller {31 Records}
Saburuko – Latency (Insight Remix) {Horizons Dub}
Ink & J Dub – Feel Da Heat {Architecture Records}
D Bridge – Freedom Club {Exit}
Amplicon – In Rehab {Dub}
Seba & Krazy – Inkaso {Secret Operations}
Fanu – Where It Rains Blood {Lightless Dub}
Optical – The Shining (Ed Rush & Optical Remix) {Metro Records}

13 thoughts on “DJ Wilsh – Synthesis Residents Mix – Part V 08/2008

  1. I thought I was having a flash back or had fallen into a drumnbass worm hole!

    proper stuff Mr Wilsh

    Keep it rolling for the old headz out there

    Show em how its done

  2. BAD BAD BAD!! loving this mix… as an aging d&b head, shit like this makes me feel like a youth again – and i get that tingle down my spine. props for making me remember what it’s all about : )

  3. Oh wow…we (myself and my fiance…both dnb DJs) can’t turn this one off. SOOOO good! We’re really loving some of the old skool tracks mixed in…especially the Optical track at the end. Wicked stuff. Thanks so much for putting this one out there! =)

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