DJ Pan live on – 28/7/2004

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Inside the Red Zone 28/07/2004

The kick-off for a new bi-weekly Red Zone crew show on

01. kotp “future blame rmx” 720
02. commix “don’t let me know” advanced
03. calibre “cold halo” revolver
04. amit “motherland” commercial suicide
05. tactile “the spade” avalanche
06. spirit “basshead tune” underground noise
07. xample + sol “night moves” dub
08. digital “square rock” function
09. cujo “logans run” dub
10. phantom audio “cool out” phantom audio
11. tactile + trace “it’s in my brain” dub
12. silver “the russian” science fiction
13. friske “expressionz” dub
14. dillinja “the box” test ltd
15. verse + keaton “danger mouse” dub
16. mosquito “crash” bc recordings
17. calyx + teebee “follow the leader” dub
18. phantom audio “phantom force” phantom audio
19. SOUL POWER : a-sides + fats “certain sound” dub
20. pan “ghd” l plates
21. d-bridge “original world” exit
22. alias “van cleef” dub
23. silent witness + break “dialling out” critical
24. CLASSIC : inta warriors “dreams of heaven” deejay recordings
25. heist “inta soul” blindside
26. AI “soul good tc1 + stress level remix” commercial suicide
27. amit “the tube outragermx” inneractive
28. cujo “time traveller” dub

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