DJ Flight – The Next Chapter 29/03/2006 (Special Guest Makoto)

makoto 1xtra


DJ Flight live at 1Xtra feat. “Tokyo’s top boy Makoto”.

Verse – The Glimmer (Dub)
Rhythm Beater & T1 – Astral Dub (Dub)
Alix Perez & Sabre – Recession (Horizon Dub)
Red Eyes & Peyo – Untitled (Dub)
Nathan – Point Of Arrival (Dub)
S KC – Vandalism (Dub)


Furney – You & I (Dub)
Hidden Agenda – Episode (Subtitles)
Makoto & Bun – Let Me Love You (GLO)
Marky & XRS – Moments Of Lust (Makoto Remix) (Innerground Dub)
Makoto & Kabuki feat Deeizm – Look Of Love (Liquid V)
Lefunken – Stand Up (Makoto Remix) (Bingo)

*Makoto Live In The Mix*
Patife – Overjoyed (Makoto Remix) (Dub)
Kabuki – Steroid Funk (Dub)
Makoto – Feels Like Heaven (GLO)
Makoto – Eastern Dub Part I (DJ Markey Remix) (GLO)
Survival – Gravity Borne (Dub)


Graphics – I Am Metal (Martyn’s 3024 Robot Mix) (Offshore)
Amit & Outrage – Unholy (Commercial Suicide)
Breakage – Losing Track (Bassbin Dub)
Paradox – Breakdown (Outsider)
ES9 – Free Your Mind (D Bridge Remix) (Dub)
* Flight ‘s Final Thought*
Digital Mystikz – Anti War Dub (DMZ)

35 thoughts on “DJ Flight – The Next Chapter 29/03/2006 (Special Guest Makoto)

  1. Patife – Overjoyed (Makoto Remix) (Dub)

    cannot wait for this one

  2. ok wait, is GLO ever ACTUALLY going to release any of this stuff? I know Makoto’s English is broken at best so I wasn’t sure if he said anything on the show regarding the sorry state of the label… anyone?

  3. listen for flight asking makoto my odd question.

    she says my name with a seductive tone.

  4. Firstly the tracklisting is bollocks in parts.. some tunes arent mentioned at all like Marcus Intalex’s ‘Nebula’

    Was really looking forward to listening to these tunes.. but DJ Flights f**king annoying voice is talking utter f**king shit over most of it so its completely unlistenable… thought I could put the makoto mix on a cd (along with the unknown error ‘heaven mix’ for in car listening but no.. Flight has to start gibbering crap … couldnt even get 18 minutes of music without her ruining it..
    This may seem a bit harsh but I was looking forward to hearing this… also on a similar note.. why cant they get any decent people on the radio for drum n bass? Why does it always have to be cockernee wankers who cant speak proper innit mate, big up junglist massive word up bwap bwap etc etc.. just f**k off….

    as u can guess Im in a real bad mood today… must be the trying to give up smoking thing

  5. @big slap: im actually sad to see people react in this way. you dont like the show? fine – don’t listen to it. just don’t slag it off… i love the next chapter and for that matter all the other 1xtra dnb shows, and if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t know what new tunes work for me, what i should be looking out for, and in the end, whats going on in the heart of the scene.
    i say thumbs up for 1xtra and big ups to all you peeps hosting the recordings

  6. > ok wait, is GLO ever ACTUALLY
    > going to release any of this stuff?

    yes. his solo album will be released on glo in “few months”. it will contain let me love you, flying high (with akira, his brother), feels like heaven and others tracks.

  7. I agree with Lekke… If you dont like it, dont bother listening to it – Simple!! Yes some radio hosts talk a little to much but tis life…….

  8. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Makotooooooooo!!!! He will be here in Brazil in May, on Skol Beats Festival!!!!

    I cannot wait for this!!!!!!!!!!

  9. good looking will release an CD album full of tracks but only ONE piece of vinyl? what a shame!

  10. Makoto hasn’t rec’d a penny for Golden Girl yet, according to Soundsurfer on doa!

  11. ooh.. thnx for puting up the whole set.. that show was realy realy good. the first part with the verse tune and all that :). and the nice makato mix aswell.. thnx breaksblog and the internet for this!!

  12. Could somebody please rehost the file. None of that links is working at the moment. THX!

  13. Thanks for the re-up!

    So that nobody else is totally confused as I was:

    The window that pops up from the link is actually an ad for the pay service; click the ‘X’ box in the upper right, and then you’ll see the actual download window. Enter the characters and you’re set

  14. yeah i dont know if big slap noticed but its A RADIO SHOW.get the cd man.but thats sad that makoto hasnt gotten his cash for golden girl. what about conrad?

  15. i`m Japanese,last Friday MOAKOTO played at tokyo I went there
    it was so nice MAKOTOOOOOOOO!!!!


  16. rehost somebody pleaaaaaseeee “Makoto live in the mix”

    это же абалдеть как я провафлил тему(((

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