D-Bridge – live @ 1Xtra BBC 04/2008


info: bbc.co.uk/1xtra/bailey

D-Bridge covers for Bailey this week with an interview and guest mix from Instra:Mental, music from Commix, Calibre, ST Files & Exclusives from his forthcoming album!! Not to be missed …

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D Bridge & Instra:mental – Blush response (Exit)
Commix – Rack it (Dub)
System – Near Miss
Calibre – New Cons
Spectra soul – Adoration VIP
Calibre – TV On (Signature)
D Bridge – Creatures of Habit
ST Files – Council House
Loxy & Ink – Amazon
D Bridge – Morning Dawn
Survival – Orion

Instra:Mental Mix
Rogue – Instra:Mental – Darkestral
Comanche – Instra:Mental -Darkestral
Horse- Instra:Mental and Nico – Exit
Dead Zone – Instra:Mental- (Outboard Dub)
Intervention – Instra:Mental – Exit
Pacific Heights – Instra:Mental -Darkestral
Sakura – Instra:Mental – Darkestral
Commix – Japanese Electronics – Instramental Moog Mix – Metalheadz
Futurist – Instra:Mental – Naked Lunch

Instra:Mental – Naked Zoo (Soul:R)
Break & Survival – Dawn
Chris Inperspective – Heathers Hot Waffles –
D Bridge – On My Mind (Exit)
Commix – Untitled
Calibre – Sockitume
D Bridge & Calibre – Ponderosa
D Bridge – On Your Mind (Soul:r)
Lenzman – Memory Loss
D Bridge – Untitled (Instra:mental)
D Bridge – The Yearning

35 thoughts on “D-Bridge – live @ 1Xtra BBC 04/2008

  1. bad mix.. love the instra:mental tunes on the weird 80’s synth vibes

  2. if you haven’t heard this mix yet then you need to listen. best mix in years right here.

  3. i think the track listing is wrong “tv on” – calibre comes in after “creatures of habit” – d-bridge

  4. Scene reaching new heights right here.
    Never sounded better.
    Dbridge on a revolution.
    Instra:mental making pure gold.
    Big Thanks.

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  6. D Bridge – On My Mind (Exit)

    Such a sick tune.. I hate how it ends almost as soon as it starts. Eargasm interrupted. :( This show is packed with other great tunes as well. Once again a spoiling two hours.

  7. d bridge is the dogs bollox..the k9’s kobblas….the don.

    the man can do no wrong.

    we salute you sir

  8. Saw D-Bridge last night at Spoonfed – It was the best set ever, I think he recorded it so I pray it will go online somewhere soon!

  9. Phatty tunes, just tooooo much talking, wtf…… i want sets….

  10. Goes to show thought out music hasn’t been forgotten, thank you D-Bridge for proving that producing is all about thought!

  11. Whenever I think drum & bass music can’t get any better I find something that beats everything again.

  12. looking forward to a release of the soul:ution radio may 08 show with d-bridge.

  13. this is brilliant!

    and this:

    Calibre – New Cons

    love the electric guitar effect. Great to see Calibre make something like this.

  14. the emotional tunes by Instra:Mental and also D-Bridge’s new tunes from his album are wicked!! Instra:Mental could go far!!! Proper props! And if D-Bridge got ran over by a bus then surely thats not a near miss….

    Wicked mixes..

    [Comment ID #403227 Quote]

    Oh yeeeeaaah, sick tune!! Wish this was on the LP.

  15. Np, new cons should be out on exit.. More worried about the 100 tunes that did not make it to the album.. :D

  16. OMG….Blush Response…there are simply no words to describe the emotions this song evokes. So beautiful…so sad…bittersweet…so hopeful….truly amazing tune!

    D-Bridge and Instra:Mental continue to give me hope (even after 10 yrs of listening to this music) for the future of drum n bass. They do it out of love for everything dnb can and should encompass…much much respect!

    Great mix…thanks so much for sharing!

  17. (In no particular order) Alix Perez, D-Bridge, Instra:Mental, Data, Lenzman and so many other “techy” producers have been getting quite a bit of attention in the scene lately. I find it interesting that someone like Marcus Intalex, who’s been known for his funky and soulful tastes in DnB for a LONG time, has been touting alot of the “techy” producers in the scene lately. This mix to me is ground breaking and fresh. I’m just wondering how long this “techy” side of DnB will stay in the limelight. Is it just a 2008 fad? Or is it that my tastes are leaning towards the techy stuff and the rest of the scene doesn’t share my tastes? Am I ranting? Yes I am. Do I hope that the “techy” side continues to stay in the limelight? Yes I do.

  18. Scratch the Lenzman and “techy” producer comment. I got lost in the tracklisting. This mix is “hurtin’ me at the moment.”

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