D-Bridge b2b Commix feat MC Verse – Live on Pyrotechnic Radio 05/10/2005

d-bridge commix

D-Bridge b2b Commix feat MC Verse – Live on Pyrotechnic Radio 05/10/2005 (128kbps)

D-Bridge and Commix’s joined Forces on Pyrotechnicsradio Metalheadz Show!

host: osmosisbeats.com | aired on: pyrotechnicradio.com

sabre- the gift you gave
calibre- all the while
commix – scarlet
logistics – thunderchild
total science – bandits
makoto – eastern dub pt2
calibre – try
calibre and stfiles – ??
ai and jenna – rising
calibre – second sun
??? – ???
commix – perfect blue
break – no destiny
commix – hide and seek
logistics – inhale
silent witness – triple seed
??? – ???
noisia – facade
break – breathless vip
breakage & sp – ???
commix – whatever u want
commix – if i should fall
calibre – is it you
commix – faceless
martyn – get down
logistics – bounce
mathematics – ???
teebee – not the one
insiders – ??? – headz
dbridge vs dkay – nothing is true
klute – song seller

30 thoughts on “D-Bridge b2b Commix feat MC Verse – Live on Pyrotechnic Radio 05/10/2005

  1. yeah, yeah, yeah…..selection is wicked, but mixin is a bit sloppy, i think…
    whatever, LargeUP ;)

  2. calibre + stfiles – ??? is da titz….
    the choon before it is not ‘try’, its is ‘the filter tune’. Try is a lickle bit darker… but very similar tunes. – is that right???

  3. i dunno ted. I dunno. I posted up on 1xtra and DOA message boards but didn’t get any replies. :*( What a lovely tune though eh? one 4 ur grandma! soft step…

  4. Whats going on here? a wicked selection completely spoiled by some dreadful mixing (i can only assume the guys were drunk or they couldnt hear through the headphones properly cos this is just shamefull) The sound quality is absolutely bollocks too, this is ok if u wanna listen through shit PC speakers buts completely unacceptable through a decent sound system….!!! Why cant they record these properly at 192kbps or whatever.. aaarrrrgggghhhh

  5. Positivity is the key mr strafe! If you know anything, you know commix and (especially) d-bridge are heavy on the decks! D-bridge is a fucking hero, pushing d&b forward everytime he releases a record, fuck 192 wotever it is… You speak from the depths of your bum cavity! Stop hating man…

  6. does anyone know what the tune after silent witness – triple seed is called?
    I need to know asap and if anyone knows any release date.

  7. after silent witness – triple seed:

    Fierce & Optiv – Surface Noise (Quarantine)

    Big tune!!!!

  8. wicked man..thanx for the quick reply and what a big tune it is..
    can’t wait for this to come out??

  9. tracklisting looks amazing, so many good dubs on there

    tbh not holding out much hope for the mixing but with tunes this good you cant argue!

  10. Anyone know what the tune after optiv & fierce – surface noise is called?
    Between surface noise and breatheless vip there are 2 tunes and the tracklisting shows 1…
    Could it be Noisia-facade? If anyone can help please let me know.

  11. sorry im not sure what tune is before it but im loving the tune before Calibre – Second Sun……can anyone tell me what it is?

  12. Please can someone identify the the tune just before second sun… sound like a commix producion.. so good.

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