17 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence @ Origin Fm 17/07/2005

  1. :) btw… just got back from a germanys far far north and will be hitting the plane to jamaica on tuesday.

  2. Tim where are you from? UK?

    And by the way: What’s the song on part1 at 01:05:00?

    Sounds like Q-Project…

  3. Oh yeah i was right… the moderator says “it’s the new one from q-project” some seconds before ;) yeah!

  4. People tell me what is the tune from 18 minute (after A.I. & D-Bridge – Odessa) It is propably A.I. Absoletely beautiful mix. One of my favourites at the moment. Really ove this one! My favourite tune from this mix is Vapour Trails from London Elektricity (26:30 part 1).

  5. Few things from part 1:

    01. LTJ Bukem – Switch
    02. Calibre – Domaron
    03. ? – ?
    03. A.I. & D-Dridge – Odessa
    04. ? – ? AI ??
    05. A.I. – ShinKanSen
    06. London Elektricity – Vapour Trails
    07. Marcus Intalex – Out of Touch
    08. Drifter – She Gives Me Forever
    09. Artificial Intelligence – Through The Gate


    Few names of tunes from part 1. There is so many Dubz in this mix that it is hard to identify something more. In part 3 there are some good known things like Burial Rmx, Power Ballad & Mustard Song by L.E or Big Picture by A.I. In part 1 there is also Going In Circles A.I. Rmx. It is hard to give any more names :(

  6. whats the point of this being in 3 parts?? and the sound quality is absolutely bollocks!! Cant listen to this cos its so muffled n hissy! WEAK
    Tune selection is top notch tho

  7. what is that 5th tune in, after odessa and before shinkansen? i must know.

    i reckon they cut it into three parts so that you could skip the shitty tech tunes in part 1 continued haha.

  8. Hehe! I must know too, but nobody knows it :( It definitely sounds like Artificial Intelligence… I don’t know why, but i have strange intuition that it might be Desperado VIP – completely rearranged tune. Hmmm – i can’t recognize what is in the vocal sample “You know, You got des… ” Maybe it is autosugestion, but I think that there is “You know, You got desperado ” :) Anybody can help me with it?

    Third tune in part 1 is Sonic Saturation – Always Be (CLS&Wax Remix)
    10 in part 1 is Aquasky & Meat Katie – Overneath (D Bridge remix)

  9. LTJ Bukem – Switch
    Calibre – Domaron
    Sonic Saturation – Always Be (CLS&Wax Remix)
    A.I. & D-Dridge – Odessa
    Basic Operations – Drifting on an Aspect
    A.I. – ShinKanSen
    London Elektricity – Vapour Trails
    Marcus Intalex – Out of Touch
    Drifter – She Gives Me Forever
    Artificial Intelligence – Through The Gate
    Aquasky & Meat Katie – Overneath (D Bridge remix)
    Fierce & Optiv – Surface Noise
    Ed Rush & Optical – Function (Marky & Bungle remix)
    Total Science – Going In Circles (A.I. Remix)
    Q Project – Obsessions

    Whats The Last tune?

  10. Haven’t noticed it Rene. Many thanks. This tune is amazing. I was almost sure that it is Artificial Intelligence :)

  11. Truly awesome mix . Can’t stop listening. There’s gotta be a better recording of it outthere somewhere …

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