Karbonkid @ Boups – 28 September 2004

Karbonkid @ Boups – 28 September 2004
boupsradio.com | 48kbps but listenable, check the tracklist…

“beware: shady eq-ing/levels cos of the shittest mixer i ever mixed on now being at boups (no knobs, just bare potmeters & faders)
still i hope you enjoy the vibe and the tunes…get deep!”

1. breakage -plum fairy- critical
2. cloud nine -the chase- sony/labello blanco
3. seba -16 stories- metalheadz
4. spirit -all i need- inneractive
5. deep blue -soho code version x- offshore
6. justice -transit alaska remix- recordings of substance
7. fracture & neptune -too doggone funky- inperspective
8. paradox & nucleus -think about it- offshore
9. break & hydro -breathless- dnaudio
10. silent witness & break -godpad- critical
11. tactile -heureka- blindside
12. invaderz -missile command- invaderz transmission
13. dkay -spacequest- soul:r
14. amit -gatecrasher- metalheadz
15. outrage -shutdown- inneractive
16. alias -admit to love- critical
17. calibre ft. fats -drop it down- signature
18. seba -piemo for b- paradox music
19. deep blue -coral spirit remix- offshore
20. paradox -epoch- outsider
21. alpha omega -catburglar vip- ohm/offshore
22. invaderz -control- advanced
23. sonic & silver -on the anson- metalheadz
24. digital -deadline- 31 records
25. architex -feel da heat- arx
26. future cut -ghetto style- renegade hardware
27. alias (spirit) -jammin- fresh86
28. photek -complex- photek
29. andy c & shimon -the quest- ram
30. foul play -stepper- moving shadow
31. dillinja -in the mood- mo wax
32. tamsin & monk -better place dj crystl remix- whitehouse
33. dj crystl -warpdrive- deejay
34. ltj bukem -demon’s theme- glo
35. source direct -exit 9- source direct
36. goldie -this is a baad source direct remix- razor’s edge
37. source direct -stonekiller- metalheadz
38. photek -first sequence- photek
39. dj crystl -let it roll remix- stu

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