All Kubatko – Stuff Promo Mix – 2006


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Jakub Holovsky aka “Kubatko” is a 20 years old music composer an Dj from Czech Republic.

His first touch with making music is dated in 2000 and this year he has signed bunch of stuff on labels as Defunked (UK), Protogen Records (GER), Peer Pressure Recordings (USA), Vodkaredbull Records (CZ) and represent of Moodpack Recordings (GER). His tunes have got support so far by people as XRS, Lomax, Stunna, Kaleb, Contour, DJ Flight, Jay Rome, Marcas, Mike at Engine, Typecell, Devoe, The Ego, TC1 and others.

Here in the mix presenting his new signed and unsigned tunes. All tunes have been mixed in traktor dj studio, mix made for presenting artists stuff not his mixing skills. Rehost appreciated.

If labels intrested in any unsigned tune or people want to send some feedback, feel free to contact him at kubatkorebel at

1) Kubatko – Adelicious – Unsigned Dub
2) Kubatko – The Thing – Forthcoming Peer Pressure Recordings
3) Marcas – I Believe In Love (Kubatko remix) – Unsigned Dub
4) Kaleb, Jebar and Kubatko – Redirection – Forthcoming Defunked
5) Kubatko – Changing Moods – Forthcoming Vodkaredbull Records (
6) Kubatko and Marcas – Seaside 93 – Unsigned Dub
7) Kubatko – A Few Magic Words – Forthcoming Peer Pressure Recordings
8) Kubatko – Deep Desire – Unsigned Dub
9) Kubatko – Homesick VIP (feat. MC JyRO) – Unsigned Dub
10) Kubatko – Baddlab – Unsigned Dub
11) Kubatko – Fuckin’ Trippin’ – Forthcoming Vodkaredbull Records (
12) Kubatko and Smote – Instinct – Unsigned Dub
13) Reverb – Stereotape (Kubatko remix) – Forthcoming Protogen Records (

45 thoughts on “All Kubatko – Stuff Promo Mix – 2006

  1. WOW, this is awesome. The best part of it is that my gal likes it too :-)

  2. The tracks on this mix are crazy!!! Some classy ass production, cant wait for the releases. Much respect to Kubatko.

  3. Wooow… Nice, realy nice.
    To Kubatko:
    Je Naprosto úžasné viďet(slyÅ¡et) tady nÄ›co z naší zemnÄ›… produkci o takové dobré kvalitÄ›.. ;-)

  4. did not wanted to download this set, ’cause the last one i heard from you did not work for me, even i was paying attention the whole mix. but i will try to listen to your new tracks, ’cause i see that you got some really sweet responses, i hope something will catch my interest. and also, kubatko, how would you define your style or how would you nail down your music to someone who is completely new to it?

  5. thanks to all comments that i’ve got so far… axialmeasure – i will let the music speak for me, i think that i don’t need to define my music by words, if you are intrested, listen to it, if you are not, then don’t donwload that or don’t listen to it… it’s all up to you… if you really need a definition – “kubatko music” – people that want to discover new music don’t need to talk about that …

  6. laurisan: great thanks a lot

    4) Kaleb, Jebar and Kubatko – Redirection – Forthcoming Defunked – out now on promo
    13) Reverb – Stereotape (Kubatko remix) – Forthcoming Protogen Records ( out soon on and trackitdown

    along with kubatko – jaws of lifeblood

    i’ll post a comment here when it’s out
    or check out my myspace profile or my web pages


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