Sun & Bass – Soul:ution Session 6/9/2010

Sun & Bass 2010 line-up


Tim has f**ked off on holidays to the Dutch coast, so I thought I would hi-jack the site and post this one. Calibre, Intalex, Presha and a sunrise set from S.P.Y. recorded live the other evening via Bassdrive from the Soul:ution Session down at Sun & Bass in Sardinia. A vibing party to say the least. Thanks to whoever ripped this for us all. One love. Adam

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  2. Wicked wicked set! S.P.Y TOTALLY KILLED IT with his Sunrise set! Awesome!

    And a big shout out to DJ Medicine Man who told me where to find these sets!

    One love!

  3. thanks a million to whoever recorded these. Listened to SPY and Calibre’s so far and they are amazing… can’t wait to hear the other two!

  4. For those that weren’t there, let me tell you this was a LET OFF on the dancefloor! I was lucky enough to get a front row seat.

    The last tunes in the SPY mix (from 5-5:30am) were one tune each by SPY, Presha, Calibre, Marcus and final tune by SPY (crazy orchestral thing).


  5. Calibre

    01. Calibre – Gone Away – Signature
    02. Calibre – Easy Glide – Signature
    03. Calibre – Even If – Signature
    04. Calibre – Miraculous – Good Looking
    05. Calibre – Mr. Right On – Signature
    06. Calibre – Rose – Signature
    07. Calibre – No Reply – Signature
    08. Calibre – ? – Signature
    09. ? – ? – ?
    10. Genotype – Justice Over Law – Exit
    11. Calibre – Steptoe – Signature
    12. ? – ? – ?
    13. Calibre – Thrust – Samurai Red Seal
    14. Zero T Feat. Steo – Refusal (Calibre Remix) – Integral
    15. Calibre – ? – Signature
    16. Calibre – Let Me Hold You – Signature

  6. biiig ups snbcrew & bassdrivecamp, too bad i couldnt make it this year. but next year i hope!!

  7. that Marcus set has got to be one of the best I’ve listened to this year, some very tasty tunes on there that I’d love to get my hands on. Whats the track around the 45 min mark on the S.P.Y set before Casino Royale?

  8. excited, then found out DRS on the mic… WTF DRS IS ONE OF THE BETTER MCS OUT THERE!

  9. @Chiral Anomaly – last tune on the Intalex set is Intalex & SPY – ‘Celestial Navigation’

  10. Thanks for these.

    The music is SO good nowadays I just dont understand the use of the MC, specifically when you have the level of production from guys like Calibre and such, but oh well, unfortunately it seems the MC will be a fixture in the genre until the producres stop propping them up on stage with them, they sure as hell ruined the sets at EDC in LA…..

  11. S.P.Y set:

    01. S.P.Y – Go With The Flow
    02. S.P.Y – Xenomorph
    03. ? -?
    04. S.P.Y – Favela VIP
    05. Vicious Circle – Snorkel
    06. S.P.Y – Simple Things [Zero 7 – In The Waiting Line (S.P.Y rmx)]
    07. Calibre – Mr. Majestic
    08. S.P.Y – Loneliness (feat. Riya)
    09. ? -?
    10. Dillinja – I Wanna Know
    11. Dub Phizix – Codec [Creative Source dub]
    12. S.P.Y & Kiat – Close Encounters
    13. Xample & Lomax – Link To The Past
    14. Marky & S.P.Y – Mystic Sunset
    15. LTJ Bukem – Atlantis (Marky & S.P.Y rmx)
    16. S.P.Y – Full Metal Jacket
    17. ? -?
    18. DJ Zinc (feat. Slarta John) – Flim (Calibre vocal mix)
    19. DJ Zinc – Casino Royal
    20. ? -?
    21. Deadmau5 – Strobe (DJ Marky & S.P.Y rmx)
    22. Noisia & Spor – Falling Through
    23. Commix – Painted Smile
    24. Jaheim – Put That Woman First (Calibre vocal mix)
    25. Marcus Intalex & ST Files – How You Make Me Feel
    26. Calibre – Oh Please
    27. Dillinja – I Wanna Know
    28. S.P.Y – By Your Side

  12. @JaZ yeah having heard all of them more than once each now I’d have to agree- the intalex set is really pulling ahead.

    what a week this must have been… jammy bastards the lot of you who were there!

  13. Presha
    [00:00] Need For Mirrors – Fish Scale – Samurai Red Seal
    [02:27] Heavy 1 – Millers (Samurai)
    [05:26] Kasra & S.P.Y – Surface
    [08:43] Total Science – Scaremonger – Critical
    [10:54] Skeptical – Cold One (Jubei Remix)
    [12:20] Enei – Slow Motion
    [15:58] Commix – Justified (Spectrasoul Remix)
    [21:00] DJ Lee, S.P.Y, Total Science – Useless – Atlas
    [23:11] Calibre – Don’t Want Your Love
    [27:08] Nymfo & Menace – Drunk Funk – Samurai
    [30:12] S.P.Y – Favela
    [33:09] S.P.Y. & Nymfo – Amsterjam – ??
    [34:47] Lynx feat MC Sense – For The Rebels – Detail
    [37:47] Jubei – Patience (VIP)
    [39:59] Nymfo – Greetings Starfighter
    [42:54] Judda – Pressure Plate – Critical
    [44:42] S.P.Y – Go With The Flow
    [47:37] Nymfo & Spinline – Winterdam
    [49:06] Calibre Feat. DRS – Judgement Day
    [53:12] ASC & Vaccine – Machines


  14. @ Stephan

    its data – compassion [Metalheadz]

    Not my t/l but from DOA

    Marcus Intalex
    [00:00] Phil Tangent – Lunar
    [10:00] Calibre – In Denial
    [21:29] Data & Dynamic feat. Kathy Brown – Compassion
    [25:05] Marcus Intalex & S.P.Y – Paulista Dub
    [28:34] Dillinja – Nasty Ways
    [33:15] Break – Time After Time
    [44:57] Total Science & S.P.Y – Legion
    [47:48] Calibre – Deranged
    [56:48] Marcus Intalex & S.P.Y – Celestial Navigation

  15. Marcus Intalex
    [00:00] Phil Tangent – Lunar
    [10:00] Calibre – In Denial
    [21:29] Data & Dynamic feat. Kathy Brown – Compassion
    [25:05] Marcus Intalex & S.P.Y – Paulista Dub
    [28:34] Dillinja – Nasty Ways
    [33:15] Break – Time After Time
    [36:10] Dj Die – Slide Away
    [38:41] Calibre – Hypnotize
    [41:48] MISTICAL?
    [44:57] Total Science & S.P.Y – Legion
    [47:48] Calibre – Deranged
    [51:43] SPY & Intalex?
    [56:48] Marcus Intalex & S.P.Y – Celestial Navigation

  16. S.P.Y set was partially ruined @30mins in with the worst MC’ing ever. I need to know who this abomination is so I can tell them to get another job

  17. yeah the drop at 36:50 would have been legendary if the MC (lowqui???) wasn’t howling like T Pain with his knob caught in a car door…

  18. Man i wish i could find Calibre – all you got … just going to have to listen to the end of the set every time..

    Thanks for all this lovely stuff. reminds me of good times in ST

  19. DRS ****ed up Calibre`s mix. I like him, hes good MC but sometimes good mc need to know when stop.

    MCing to Calibre is like Freestyling to Vivaldi

  20. the spy set is best mix ive heard in years let alone weeeeks!! wish i was there… it seems i need to keep my ear to the ground more.. why didnt i even know this festival was on!!??? is it every year??? dam i missed out, the line up looked sublime!! .. the calibre set didnt really do it for me surprisingly enough!! a bit mediocre, the guys tunes are still out of this world tho!! peace!!!!!!!!!!

  21. i think we all agree that the mc coming in @ around 29 min mark in SPY’s set needs to die.

  22. Second tune on Marcus is
    [05:50] Marcus Intalex – Hot Hands
    My favourite tune from this years’ Sun and Bass for sure!

  23. gotta admit, Presha’s set has been criminally overlooked. easily my most listened to set atm, dropping some f’kin fresh tunes. definitely needs more love

  24. i was at sun and bass for all 8 nights, and i have to agree. great sets, but…in the moment it’s easy to block out the gibberish and nonsense talk, but listening back i think the lot of them should be quite embarrassed! there were a few good mc moments throughout the week, but most don’t know when to shut up and let the music do the talking. or when they have nothing to say they continue to chat and repeat the same stupid lines over and over. the sound system at the indoor area of ambra night is top notch, so in person the mc’s were not so prominent. just wish there was a way to not record the mc’s into the mix!

  25. anybody able to nail the full tracklist for Calibre? – love the tune just before ‘Thrust’ (all of it ruined by ‘good ol’ DRS’ of course)

  26. I completely disagree with the comments here. I think DRS added to the mix for me. Firstly at least he has a positive message and you can understand what he is saying. Ive seen DRS live and I think he does a good job he lets the music breath more often than others. If you want to hear a set killed by MC’s listen to Calibre and MC Bassman mix on here, now thats what I call ruined.

  27. Marcus Intalex
    [00:00] Phil Tangent – Lunar
    [05:50] S.P.Y – Sleepy Hollow
    [10:00] Calibre – In Denial
    [13:13] Marcus Intalex – Hot Hands

    Happy New Year!

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